76/1, L.B.Road, 3rd Street, Near Jayanthi Theater, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041



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Mallus Junction - A Nostalgic Mallu Destination

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

Home Delivery


Biryani, Desserts, Indian, Kerala, Multi Cuisine, Sea Food, Tandoori, Kebabs, Barbecue, Grill

Cost :

Rs 600 for 2 Persons

Timings :

12-3pm | 7-11pm

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Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, WiFi Available, Party Hall , Buffet Spread, Smoking Area, Table Booking

  • on 11 Dec, 2013


    Mallus Junction - The big disaster dinner ever I had, the worst place that I ever recommended to my friends. Went there with my friends to give a feel of Kerala food. I ended up asking at the desk "Which part of Kerala serves these items"? Really got cheated and I felt very bad for three things 1. Chose this M****** Junction over my regular kerala food joints. 2. Made my friends hate the taste of Kerala food 3. Recommended the shop to many friends, as it was some thing brought out by the people behind much love Whitepepper restaurant. I took Ghee rice (Neychor) - Rice was not the Kerala rice (Kaima or Jheeraka chemba), no feel of ghee but just oily stuff. Broken and burned cashews placed on top. Vegetable stew was good. Regarding non-veg, my friends reviewed their kerala chicken items as terrible. My good luck: They did not have stock of short eats like pazhampori to disappoint me further. I decided to not to order Puttu after seeing ghee rice. Same with desserts when they said Kerala desserts listed are not available. What my friends say - 1. Hate it from the very name - why should we call ourselves as mallu 2. Hate it when Malayalees cheat malayalees, that too in the name of food. NB: I remember one friend of mine mentioning their beef item as good. Summary: Lost respect for Whitepepper, even the one in Velachery. Will go back to crescent or Nandanam but not this junction. I will rather go hungry.

  • on 19 Nov, 2013

    Prakash Loganathan

    Mallus Junction share space with White Papper and Palmshore. I went there yesterday for a quick dinner. Ordered Malabar Parottas and Beef gravy. Parottas were very soft and flaky. Beef was very well cooked with the right amount of spiciness. I enjoyed the meal. The cost was also reasonable. Rs.165/- for 3 parottas and beef gravy. However, when I asked for Appam, they said it will take atleast 15 to 20 min - very surprising and worse Idiyappam will only be available in the weekends. If they work on availability of menu items, it will be much better. I will definitely go back.

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