No. 49, Opposite Singapore Consultate North Boag Road, T.Nagar Chennai - 600017


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Chao, an upscale fine dining restaurant, in the heart of Chennai, aims at bringing the essence of the South-East to India. Chao is all set to raise the bar and take your restaurant dining experience to new heights.

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

No Home Delivery


Chinese, Thai, Singaporean, Vietnamese

Cost :

Rs 1200 for 2 Persons

Timings :

12-3:30pm | 7-11:30pm

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Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, WiFi Available, Party Hall , Smoking Area, Table Booking

  • on 30 Dec, 2013

    Prathap Gandhi

    This is what Guddu ji had to say about our lunch at Chao! ///Had An Amazing Lunch With Fellow Foodies... Nikhil Moturi... And... Pratap Gandhi... Today... At One Of The Best Fine Dining Resto In Chennai... Chao... What To Say About It... That We Enjoyed It To The Core... And... Stuffed Ourselves... Started With Soup... Tom Yum Prawns And Mushroom Soup... Heavenly... Opened Up The Taste Buds... Starter's.., The Signature Dish... Always Marvellous... Never Fail To Have It... Wasabi Prawns... And... Kung Pao Chicken... Mildly Spiced... With Lots Of Garlic... Too Good... And... One Chef's Special Chicken In Hot Chilli Sauce And Pepper... Forgot The Name... Excellent... Main Course... Was... Drunken Noodles... One Of My Favourite Dish... Along With... Nikhil's Favourite... Thai Chilli Basil Chicken 5 Spice... This Was Minced Chicken... In Gravy... Complimenting... Our Pratap Gandhi's... Die For Dish... Mongolian Fried Rice... And... What To Say About... These Dishes... No Words... Superb Taste... And... Rounded Off With Awesome Belgian Chocolate Mousse... Pepper Ice Cream... Pumpkin Custard... And... Bubble Gum Ice Cream... Thank's... Chef And Team Chao...///

  • on 05 Sep, 2013

    Shadir Bughari

  • on 06 Sep, 2013

    Sharanya Sb

    Dining at CHAO was an experience that cannot be put down in words.It\'s like your in culinary heaven and you just don\'t know which sense to treat first (Smell, appearance, touch or taste).Exceptional food presented beautifully and served with utmost care is what Chao is about.I enjoyed the chef special dinner with unique dishes that were not part of the regular menu.It was one hell of an experience!!! It is most definitely one of the must visit places in Chennai!! It\'s pricey but the food you eat is definitely worth the price and I\'m sure you won\'t regret it. More about my experience in my blog below!!

  • on 26 Aug, 2013

    ChennaiFoodie aka Doc Waz

    They have started private dinners with the Chef's table. Our experience was outstanding. http://

  • on 25 Aug, 2013

    Shadir Bughari

  • on 01 Mar, 2013

    Sabin Rodriguez

    A busy Birthday came to an end with some great food at Chao. This place has been in my list right from the time it opened few months back as it is so inviting for anyone passing by. I finally made it today. A Quick valet parking. Was then welcomed with a warm greetings by the restaurant manager and he got me a table in the basement. The ambience was pretty neat and did give a lot of Asian touch to it. (Not sure if Buddha is the only representation of South Asia though. I can’t think of anything else and may be they had the same issue) Other thing that I liked about this place is the menu itself. Completely and purely focused on south asia. Even though, it was completely South Asian I was confused whether to eat Thai, Singapore or Vietnamese cuisine. That is when Karthick of Chao came for my rescue. CFG's Karthik Ganapathi had already told me about this guy and so I was able to strike a conversation with him very easily. And this guy just made my life really easy by suggesting some options and fortunately, I just loved everything he suggested: wasabi prawns and a soup for starters, Jasmine Rice and Chicken Green Curry thai chicken Biryani. WASABI PRAWN - GUYS TRUST ME...THIS THING WILL BLOW UR MIND OFF!! its sooo yummm!! Must have!! I finished this plate in two minutes and was soo tempted to have a round two. Thanks to Karthick for suggesting this dish. Jasmine Rice and green currry - Was good. Benjarong and Hilton are also in par with this place is what I felt. Thai Biryani - Me Being a Biryani fan the only difference I found in this Thai Biryani was that it was wet and it had the regular thai aroma of the red curry. Nothing great for a Biryani lover. :D Very well behaved staffs, great ambience and some great food... It is extremely Asian... :) Thanks again Chao... u guys rock... Hoping to come der again to try the rest of the menu!!

  • on 23 Feb, 2013

    Nishanth Radhakrishnan

    Chao - named after the river Chao Phraya in Bangkok; also known as \'the River of the Kings\'. Chao also means \'Hello\' in Vietnamese, \'King\' in Chinese, a type of fermented rice dish in Laos (remember Hangover 2). Chao - the Thai, Singaporean & Vietnamese Fine Dining Restaurant located at North Boag Road, T.Nagar. I had missed out on the CFG Showcase here couple of months back & with everybody raving about how good the place is - decided to wait for an occasion and visit. And that happened today - with good friend Midhu in town from Bangalore and catching up with Sachin, Divya, Shalini & Sreehari. That the place is a beautiful is an understatement; the ambiance & decor is just brilliant & we were seated in the Private Lounge. I was here to be wowed by the food and were we wowed or what. For starters we ordered Thai Coconut Cream Veg Soup & Thai Clear Chicken Soup followed by Chicken Dim Sims, Golden Fry Wonton Veg, Satay Chicken & Grilled Mushrooms. Then we had Char Kway Teow Chickien, Chicken Gong Bao - my pick of the afternoon, Sambal Fried Rice Seafood and Singapore Fried Bee Hoon Veg Noodles as main course. Right from the plating to the presentation and the quality, quantity & taste of food were top notch. The service was prompt & staff were very attentive at the table. We had space remaining for Desserts and so order Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice Cream, Tub Tim Grob and Glazed Toffee Banana. I didn\'t try the desserts as by the time I got back from the rest room - the gang had finished it. For 5 persons the bill came to Rs 4000/- which worked to Rs 800/- per person & that\'s real value for money considering the quality of food served. Definitely going back; hopefully soon. And yes what made the afternoon even more special was when we came to know during our 3 hours of yapping away that Divya amongst us is THE Divya Nambiar - blogger of \"The Essential Mallu - Food Guide for Non Mallus\\\" and a Foodie too!! - obviously, a photo moment.

  • on 21 Jan, 2013

    Bharath Kumar

    Had my dinner last night @ Chao, T- Nagar. Its a South East Asian Specialty restaurant (Vietnamese, Thai and Singaporean ). First thing which struck me entering the place was their interiors...Pan Asian contemporary style..Very Neatly done. Welcome drink upon arrival while we went thru the Menu. The pricing was reasonable. We ordered a Soup, Grill Fish , Black pepper Chicken along with Thai Fried rice and a Noodle( don't remember the name). In 10 minutes arrived our meal that was delicately divine. The Grill Fish particularly. Strongly Recommended for people who are bored with Chinese..Personally i had a lovely time with my friends..Would definitely visit again. Pl Note: The cost of the Meal for three of us : Rs 1530 ( all incl)

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  • on 19 Jan, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    "Chao".. well, it means hello in Vietnamese and to think Ciao means Bye in Italian.. One word, so many meanings. Similarly, Chao, the restaurant has many faces, many avatars so to speak. It offers an eclectic blend of interiors, a menu that takes us on a journey from Vietnam to Singapore, China to Thailand.... Spending a few minutes exploring the venue, I discovered it was on two levels, the basement bigger than the ground floor. it also included a Lounge-a private dining area... The walls are adorned with various figurines and pieces made of wood, a tree stump leading to a light fitting under which sits a majestic Buddha. A narrow winding staircase tucked away in a corner. The ground floor offers a few cabin like settings, two small and one large. Glass, wood and light is what catches your eye as you step into this swanky restaurant that is just a few weeks old. Situated on north Boag road, almost opp the Singapore Consulate, adj to Coffee Central, the restaurant belongs to Ramesh & his partner Jagadish. Ramesh, being an architect has spent quite a bit of effort in decorating the place and it is quite visible. read more about Chao at

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  • on 10 Jan, 2013

    Fazil Badrudeen
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  • on 06 Dec, 2012

    ChennaiFoodie aka Wasim
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  • on 24 Nov, 2012

    Maaria kulsum

    Just back from the CFG showcase at CHAO! BRILLIANCE is one word to sum up the whole experience!! From the mesmerizing interiors, soothing music ( of course which went unheard after a point thanks to our soft spoken selves :P ) and top notch food.. one of the best Thai curry i have till now.... absolutely lip smacking! The Chao grilled fish, vietnamese prawns jasmine rice, water chestnut dessert, thai basil chicken/lamb and the best of the best Wasabi prawns!! DELICIOUS!! The prices were slightly on the higher side (but on par with other places in the same caliber) but given the ambience and the quality of food i think its totally justified! You guys have all the makings of a super hit! Wishing u success and tons of best wishes!! Keep up the good work... will be back with family real soon! :)

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It was yet another Thursday but this Thursday was none like before. This Thursday was the perfect setting for a CFG Showcase at the newly opened fine dining restaurant in T.Nagar called CHAO. Thanks to the courtesy extended by Mrs. Shalini, Mr. Jagadish & Chef Murali, CFGians were invited to CHAO to sample and review their fare. CHAO is a fine dine South-East Asian restaurant serving up cuisines from Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. Upon entering the restaurant the first thing that struck me was their exquisite interiors. It was definitely a fine dine restaurant. The restaurant has 2 floors of seating with a private lounge for customers who want a sense of privacy probably for those with celebrity status may be. Great level of attention has been taken to ensure the interiors were hand in glove with the food being served. There was a complete feel of being somewhere in Thailand or Cambodia with all the Buddha statues and artworks. Once all the folks for the showcase had arrived, we were then introduced to Chef Murali who gave us an insight about his career and the spread that we were to sample today. A short while later we were also met by Mr. Jagadish and his co-partner who welcomed us to CHAO. Shortly after the formal introductions were over, the traditional Lemongrass Tea was served before the food started to come in one by one. We were first served with the Corn Tartlets. Rather than calling them as starters, it may be rightly called as a pre appetizer. They were very crispy and the flavoring on the corn mixture was just right to be not too heavy. Following this, we were dished with Devil's Potato and CHAO Thai Grilled Fish. The devil's potato was just as apt as the title, a spicy dish with potato and topped with sesame seeds. Although not being a great fan of sea food, I decided to try the CHAO Thai Grilled Fish. I was told that the fish used was a Royal Basa. The fish tasted perfect. It was just rightly cooked with the right flavorings infused and made for a good and heavy starter. Following the grilled fish, the next starters to be presented were the Veg Dimsums, Wasabi Prawns, Chicken Dimsums and Devil's Chicken. To be honest I was not able to make out anything extraordinary in the Dimsums. I guess this could be because, Dimsums are very simple in nature and nothing can go wrong except for the wrapper which can at times be sticky. But both the veg and the non veg Dimsums at CHAO were excellent. Devil's Chicken was more on the lines with its vegetarian counter-part except for being a little too rubbery. This was the feeling amongst a few fellow CFGians too. Maybe the chicken was a tad over cooked or must have got a bit soggy in all the devil sauces. Coming to the star dish of the evening, the WASABI PRAWNS was truly an unique dish in its own ways. The prawns were coated evenly with the in-house special Wasabi sauce which is indeed a scaled down version of the original Wasabi sauce mixed with Mayonnaise. The plates kept getting emptied that more servings were being continuously ordered. This is in fact the Signature Dish at CHAO. True to its status, it is a must have. This was followed by a further 2 more starters, the Mushroom Pepper Salt and Satay Prawns. The Mushroom Pepper Salt was a bit high on the pepper quotient while the Satay Prawns were more of the grilled prawns kind. We couldn't really savor the taste of any more starters as the Wasabi prawns kept hitting us hard again and again. Post the starters, we were presented with an awesome serving of Green Mango Salad. The mango was sour enough to taste perfect with the dressing. Coming to the mains, the entourage was provided with 2 types of rice, viz. Jasmine Rice and Sambal Rice accompanied by a Thai Green Fish Curry, Singapore Bee Hoon, Basil Chicken and Cashew Garlic Garden Greens. For those wondering about Jasmine rice, it is a special preparation of white rice with an aroma of Jasmine infused in it. The Sambal rice was really nice with a great variation of spices with both high's and low's. The Thai Green Fish curry was outstanding. Take it from the words of someone who is probably having a Fish curry after a couple of years. Together with the Jasmine rice and the Sambal rice, the green curry was the perfect accompaniment. Though the taste was slightly modified to suit the Indian needs, it still tasted authentic to me. The Basil Chicken had a strong Basil flavor in it which dominated over the other flavorings in it. But the chicken was cooked better this time around in comparison to the Devil's Chicken. The Singapore Bee Hoon and Cashew Garlic Garden Greens were left to my fellow vegetable lovers to savour. I'm sure they tasted great too as I did not hear any negatives on them. Now coming to my favorite aspect of dining at a restaurant serving Thai cuisine, which is of course their desserts. CHAO had the usual desserts such as Tub Tim Grob, Fried Ice Cream, Dates Pancake with Ice Cream and so on. We were provided with Tub Tim Grob and an amazingly beautiful Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice Cream. The Tub Tim Grob tasted just like the usual one. It was kind of difficult for me to make out any impressive changes comparatively to those served at other Thai restaurants in Chennai. But what really stood out was their Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice Cream. In fact, orders for more servings kept flooding the kitchen as it was just amazing and out of the world. A few fellow CFGians were literally at arms when the last serving came out. Arms in hands with their cameras post which with the best weapon to one's gastronomy, the mighty spoon. The showcase overall presented us with an overview of the different cuisines served at CHAO and a look at some of their exceptional dishes like the WASABI PRAWNS and Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice-Cream. The place has wonderful decors and is an apt place for a proper fine dine experience. In relation to the price point, be prepared to pay for the amazing food plus the fascinating experience you are bound to encounter at CHAO. Written by Fazil Badrudeen. For more : http://