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Home made cakes, cupcakes, desserts, Cutomized theme cakes for all occassions

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

No Home Delivery


Bakery, Desserts, Sandwiches, Short Eats, Snacks

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Rs 300 for 2 Persons

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Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly

  • on 07 Nov, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    Maaria Kulsum and Adoniya have become a household name of sorts in Chennai... 1st came clothes, then came jewellery, and then following suit were some yumm cupcakes, cheesecakes and now a cute little cafe inside the Adoniya store. It is quaint, small, and the kind of place that you would hop into if you wanted a Chocolate/sweet fix. If you are still wondering who this Maaria is or what Adoniya is, then I suggest you stop reading right here and get out of your home/office/mall/etc etc and drive down to Harrington Road and see/experience it for yourself. read more on http://aromasofkitchens.blogspot.in/2013/11/cafe-adoniya-chennai.html

  • on 01 Nov, 2013

    Divyan Varghese

  • on 23 Sep, 2013

    ChennaiFoodie aka Doc Waz

    Tiny quirky cafe with a bunch of delightful desserts and some nice savoury stuff too! And some smart ass wordings on the walls! Lindt Chocolate cup cake is a must have!

  • on 06 Sep, 2013

    Sharanya Sb

    Went to Adoniya yesterday and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't speak about the yummy yummy food we had there.Started off with a round of 'Cucumber lemon ice tea' and it was very very refreshing.. was immediately drawn to the new ingredient in the ice tea. :) then went on to trying the amazing 'Pavlova'.. this is one hell of a dessert.Also had a taste of the Tiramisu and the tiramisu milkshake was just out of the world.. tried a few other stuff like the dark chocolate milk shake and the ferero rocher milkshake and they were all good.Moving on to the other goodies, the red velvet cupcake was amazing as usual, the katti rolls and sandwiches were a treat.. On the whole, sugar spice and everything nice.Although I've been there a few times now, felt the need to review this place this time.Totally worth a visit. Maaria Kulsum Tanveer´╗┐.. you rock!!! Keep the goodies coming!! :) :)

  • on 27 Aug, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    The mere mention of the name makes my mouth water. That is how awesome the goodies at Adoniya are! The 1st time i walked in here all i saw were clothes, but now I see cheese cakes and cupcakes adorning the shelves. And she has even opened a cafe, but am yet to visit the place. I have tasted her expresso cheese cake both at her store and at a surprise party we threw for a friend. They are simply divine. the cheesecake is perfect with a rich flavour of expresso. At a wedding I got to taste her red velvet cake and it was so soft and yumm, a tiny piece was just not enough!! Time to visit her cafe!!

  • on 27 Jul, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    Clearly disappointing! I have been a virtual fan of Adoniya for sometime now - all the picture on CFG facebook page, made me wanna somehow get my son\\\\\\\'s first birthday cake from there. So I did go there in person to discuss the cake and to taste the pastries and food there too of course. First impression, empty cafe (okay rainy night) very small place than I expected, very small menu too. I know its not the core business of Adoniya, so I jump to the bakery, all excited to check out the famous mango and white chocolate pot and cupcakes, etc. As tempting as the name sounded, the cake wasnt all that flavorful or yummy. I was totally disappointed as a big fan of both mango (which was a lil tangy n stale) and white chocolate (which i didnt get a taste of at all in the cake). Double-minded already, we proceed to eat anyway. Anyways, skipped ordering anymore pastries and ordered the sandwich (pretty good corn sandwich) and paneer kathi roll (oil dripping and greasy but tasted ok) with great difficulty. By which i mean the biggest minus of the place is the service (or the lack of it!). There were some 4 people who had no idea what they were doing or serving. They called upon each other interchangeably and after the nth time i got fed up and shut up and ate. No one knew whats the difference between a cold coffee and an irish coffee is. The strawberry iced teas had not a ting of strawberry flavor in it. But they argued it is. Communication was a big problem. They all seemed extremely lost (and tensed?) without the owner around. And we also felt lost cos we cudnt discuss the cake without her around (although we went at a time after confirming with her) - its ok that there was no apology, but its bad when they say no contact number will be given or will not be contacted either. Never went to a pastry shop and returned this unhappy. Anyway, who is losing customers in the end of the day? There are so many other cake designers so enthusiastic and eager to serve customers in the city today. After thoughts: Whatever happened to customer is the king? Well yes social media can make or break a business, but in the end, reality matters, real customers matter.

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  • on 08 Jan, 2013

    M. R. Nishanth

    Karthik Ganapathi - Food Reviews In Chennai : Adoniya, Harrington Road http://http://www.eatwitheyes.com/2012/05/fairy-tale-time-cup-cakes-chennai.html

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