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Non - Veg Resturant

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Italian, Pizza, Salads, Short Eats

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Rs 500 for 2 Persons

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Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, WiFi Available, Outdoor Dining, Party Hall , Smoking Area, Table Booking, All Accessible

  • on 25 Nov, 2015

    Kishan Chand

    Pizza Republic - Jalladampet , Chennai 600100 hocked to see the Cheating games by Pizza Republic Franchiser. Hope some one will look into this and not sure how many other customers are being cheated around. On 25th November 2015 around 9 PM an order was placed for Non Vegetarian Carnivore Carnival Medium Size with a leaflet price of R 330 and asked for Thin base. I was given a bill with a Base price of Rs 390 and for asking Thin Base I was charged Rs 30. I was shocked to see the new prices at the time of delivery. When I asked the shop they say it was a printing mistake. When I said a piza will have thick or thin base. I just selected think base I was charged Rs 30 which means I was charged R 420 for an item which was advertised for Rs 330. ( order no 9370) I think public must make a consumer court case and see that punitive damages are given on the franchiser. All calls are recorded if required for evidences. Regards Kishan Chand

  • on 31 Aug, 2013

    Dinesh Balaji

    Heard a lot of positive reviews about Pizza Republic everywhere. I thought of giving it a shot for today's lunch. Yes!! I had ordered Prawnography , Chica Chik and a non veg burrito. The pizzas were fresh , splendid and extra cheesy. Burrito was the spotlight from the menu,everyone loved it to the core. During my past experience, whenever i order a pizza from Pizza Hut or Pizza Corner, it gives me hard time for the digestion . Surprisingly, I didn't feel like having a hard time after today's lunch . Keep up the good work, waiting for more varieties of pizzas from the menu. Keep innovating!

  • on 31 Aug, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    The very 1st time was when a whole bunch of us headed to the taramani outlet and we had a great time.. agreed, the pizzas were good and so were the salads and since then I have gone back for salads.. But then the last time i was at pr was at the mogappair outlet and am sorry to say it was quite a sad experience.. The pizzas were bleh, the place was a mess and the staff kept at it yapping away to a point where they lost track of who ordered what.. Looks like there is something going wrong somewhere...

  • on 11 Aug, 2013

    Praveen Kumar

    Ever since PR opened, we have been regular customers and simply love their delicious pizzas :)

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  • on 09 Aug, 2013


    Pizza Republic . after hearing so many review about this place .... had my lunch there today finally .... and yes this place do make good tasty pizzas ! .... i loved their thin crust pizza ... the topping were proportionate ... and was filled upto the whole circumference of the pizza ! ...( many famous pizzerias lack that ... the fillings are more in the middle and reduces along the outer radius .... ) loved the cheese topping... the look of the pizza was yummy and the taste too .... will recommend this place to my friends for sure ! ..... I was happy for the money i paid ... PR - u guys rock ! .... PS : i have seen many post about authenticity of pizzas , pastas this and that in many forums ... to me ...good food tastes good ... PR pizzas tastes good :-)

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  • on 23 May, 2013
  • on 07 May, 2013

    Shadir Bughari

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  • on 29 Apr, 2013

    Karthik R Subramaniam

    Finally the day b4 I leave Olympia Tech Park, I could treat my collegues with PR Pizzas. They are tasting it for the first time!!! PR Adambakkam gladly accepted the door delivery order to OTP, Chick a chik, Chicken Supreme, Veg Supreme, Vega Bond 4 Pizzas, 10 Choco Muffins and a Veg salad, 3 coke pet bottles was the order. Requested to ensure the packing with savers. Received it well packed, and when I opened the boxes a sense of satisfaction. All Pizza's intact Thanks to Sivakumar Mohan. All Pizzas were super yummy, few muffins weren't choco as ordered :(, the one I got was pineapple filled in plain muffin. All my collegues, got to taste atleast one, few lucky gorged on 2nd one. And everybody started enquiring about the place and were stunned to know the price. Am sure order will start flowing from OTP going forward. Veg salad was awesome as usual. Thanks Pizza Republic Adambakkam for the wonderful delivery. We thoroughly enjoyed the pizzas!!!

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  • on 29 Apr, 2013

    Lakshmi Narayanan G

    Went for an excellent lunch with my uncle in Pizza Republic - Ambattur. The staff were ever so courteous, Kiran Kumar Maasi even more courteous and friendly. 2x Customized Pizzas, 1 burrito and 1 stuffed garlic bread and couple of soft drinks to top it. The burrito was awesome as ever. The garlic bread, among the best I've tasted till now. And the pizzas - Well I wouldn't talk about them now, that has already been done my myself and most others. Pizzas were, as usual, awesome and juicy as is usual from PR. Now for the ambience. Ambience is one thing that really made me go WOW! I mean Kiran has taken a considerable amount of pain to decorate the interiors in a way which will attract and retain both the adults as well as kids. And even more pain to maintain it so(these were his words to be more precise: Maintaining is more pain actually :P) Hats off man! Food: 4 / 5 (Garlic bread took the knock here) Ambience: 4.5 / 5 Service: 4.5 / 5 Cost: 4 / 5 Value for money: 5 / 5 Overall: 4.5 / 5 Recommended place!

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  • on 09 Mar, 2013

    Murali Mohan

    Restaurant Review: Pizza Republic .. Last Saturday.. A craving mouth wanted to have bite something chewy.. tasty.. Sister and her son wanted to go to Dominos.. able to overrule them and headed wid dem to Pizza Republic... ordered 2 veg Salads.. Anti Social.. Thin Crust Paneer Exotica.. and Multigrain base with selected toppings... and 2 tomato based pastas.. along with Pizza Muffin.. as always pizzas were so amazing and was served piping hot.. Thin crust was absolute thin crust that d crust was not able to balance the toppings... Anti Social was really good... muffins as well was so good.. overall a good experience Cons: 1st is d pasta's which was a disappointment as the tomato sauce was watery.. and the pasta itself was very chewy / rubbery and not boiled fully.. so wasnt able to finish d 1st box itself.. but took d pasta home and had it next day and it was good.. may be something to improve on Pasta's Bottled Drinks wasnt chilled at all despite the time was around 9 pm... no cups kept for drinking water.. in the water vending machine except for a soggy paper cup.. not sure if someone used it or not so had to wait for someone to get a glass / cup no separate hand wash area.. so was embrassed a bit to go inside Copper Chimney for a handwash.. In one of the pizzas ordered the toppings were very less... It would be great if mayo.. mint sauce etc can be as well made available..

  • on 25 Feb, 2013

    Nishanth Radhakrishnan

    I was at Madras Market yesterday evening with little Raghu (neighbor's son) & parents - all of us were enjoying the performance by Grey Shack ; made a blunder thinking Agam will be performing yesterday evening. The idea was to try out the different food items for Dinner from the stalls there but the little one had other ideas - he was playing around with Rama Krishnani who was there with Nagarajan Sambar and Raghu asked who he is? I told that he's the guy who makes the awesome pizzas you had in January and he replied "Ohhh the pizzas that came along in the green boxes right. Do they have a stall here?" I replied No and he was adamant we leave right away & that we have Pizzas now and head to Pizza Republic right away. Add to it whenever we kept asking him 'Did you enjoy the Madras Market?' & he replied - 'I had a fun time here yes but it will be an enjoyable Sunday evening only if I have Pizza.' Parents also were like yeah let's go to Taramani outlet & have a Pizza or 2 since they are big time fans too!! Reached Pizza Republic around 8:15 pm or so and decided to dine in at the indoor seating - met Rajesh Ramaswamy with family and friends & not to forget the adorable twins!! We exchanged pleasantries, introduced each other & then I asked Raghu what Pizza he would like and this was his reply "I ate Chicken at your home for lunch. So I will go for a Vegetarian Pizza. Crust I like it with Grains and so let it be Multi Grain. And no Cheese since I will grow Fat. Do they serve Olive Oil? No. They should. Seasoning there on table. Good." And he's all of 5 years. So ordered a No Cheese, Medium Spicy, Multi Grain - All Veggies along with Zuchini, Olives, Mushroom, Paneer, Jalapeno & Corn Pizza while for Parents order Medium Cheesy+Spicy, Jalapeno, Olives, Chicken Sausage & Tandoori Chicken - when in doubt about toppings order 2 toppings of same to balance out. ;) Rajesh had ordered Pizza Muffins and Rolls which he graciously shared with Raghu and other dine-in customers ; speaks volume of the warm, affectionate person that he is. Little Raghu did try his attempt at setting a Cheese Raise record but failed miserably never the less he enjoyed both expect for the onions. The staff were very prompt & attended to our table on a regular basis - be it for water, My Can Pepsi, Tissues & all and yes, the Pizzas did finally arrive & boy did the 3 of them attack it like there's no tomorrow. The No Cheese Pizza was like having a Bread Base with lot of Veggies and both me & Raghu enjoyed it to the core - there were just too many toppings that we barely managed to finish of sorts. Parents also enjoyed their Non Veg Pizza and said the taste remained consistent from January & they didn't feel heavy even after having 3 slices. They also mentioned it was a completely different feel good experience to dine in at Pizza Republic & have the Pizzas than have the same for Home Delivery at home. The bill for 4 persons (yes Raghu eats like an adult) came to Rs 600/- & true Value for Money as always. Now the question remains as to how regular Pizza Republic is going to be in our lives? DAMN.

  • on 24 Feb, 2013

    Nikhil Komath

    Pizza Republic | Taramani | 22-02-2013 Actually planned to try Malabar Biriyani of Arabian Delights today noon. But morning when the power went off, went for a 'short' nap and woke up in the evening 4. What thought of options, Ramki's smiling face came into my mind. Waited some more time for a friend to join. 5.30 pm : We are at PR. We got enough time to cover the place with the camera, as it was not a peak time on a working day. Wanted to try Fishwaroopam, but not ready for an experiment as I have allergy with some of the fishes. Ordered a Veg Supreme Pizza and a Chicken Supreme Pizza. Called Ramki and confirmed that he is not in place :). If there is a need of Double Money Back offer he assured over phone that, can get it from Mr Srini at the counter. Cool!!! The staff were very courteous, no communication problems. Appreciate Ramki for maintaining a good workforce, which lacked in many other places. Veg Supreme tasted good, but seemed like a little over cheesy than we ordered.But that didn't affect the taste. Chicken Supreme was definitely below my expectations and lacked taste.But definitely I am looking forward to go there again as I like the ambiance and service and there is much more in the menu to try.

  • on 24 Feb, 2013

    Lakshmi Narayanan G

    Went to PIZZA REPUBLIC at Mogappair yesterday with a friend. Had a very great experience. Ordered a Thin Crust pizza initially(well, except for Classic Crust and Thin Crust, no other crusts were available and there weren't much to choose from either, something that is worth improving), customized the toppings and ordered a pasta too, as the waiter said it'll take 15 mins for the thin crust pizza to be ready and pasta will be ready in 10 minutes. But in the end, Pizza arrived in 18 minutes, pasta arrived only after 25 mins sadly. We ordered another Classic crust pizza. It took almost 15 mins to arrive, but our bill arrived before that ! Then I had to remind the waiter about the undelivered pizza, after which he apologized and brought it immediately. That was for the experience. As for the food, the pizzas were fine, tasted much much better than Dominoes, Pizza Hut or Pizza Corner, still not so good as Papa John's , but very much decent. Among the best I've had though. The pasta on the other hand, was, well, "Too Indian" :P My rating: Food: 7.5 / 10 Service: 7 / 10 Ambience: 5 / 10 (Well the location is little crowded actually, with Chennai Public School just opposite to it, so the area was noisy in general) Cost: 8.5/10 Overall: 7.5 / 10 Areas to improve on: 1. PASTA 2. If possible, add more choices for crusts, something like stuffed crusts etc 3. The place, in my opinion, seems to be understaffed. There was only one waiter, a Mr.Peter serving us, and there was a sudden surge of students from CPS flowing in(only about half of them ordered something though, the rest were there only to make noise, play around with their friends eating etc. ) The waiter had a tough time(atleast it looked that way for me, maybe he's familiar with them, IDK) and IMO, it's partly the reason he forgot to bring our second pizza order.

  • on 23 Feb, 2013

    Aparna Ganapathy Subramanian

    Yesterday me and my hubby went to Pizza Republic (from nanganallur) after reading all the mouth -watering reviews on Chennai food guide.. I have always been a silent spectator on the forum.. Now i just thought i will post a review abt our visit.. We opted for dine-in... since we were a first timers, i ordered only one pizza first.. Clearly stuck out that i didnt want garlic.. But when my pizza reached i cud find small pieces of garlic.. But otherwise the pizza was really gud.. the crust was awesome... Well, before the first pizza arrived, my husband went up and ordered the second one.. We had clearly mentioned we didnt want garlic on that also... While having our first pizza and after seeing pieces of garlic in it , my husband again went up and informed him again (2nd time) that we didnt want garlic on our second pizza.. And guy at the counter did not seem to bother when my husband told that we had pieces of garlic on our first pizza... That was not it... we waited for twenty mins for our second pizza to come... And it was kinda boring .. so we tot we would take away the second pizza and went up to the counter.. The guy at the counter with a smiling face told that it was delayed.. After five mins of waiting at the counter .. one guys comes up to us and tells us, they are done with broccoli for the day ... SHOCKED.. our pizza was not even in the Oven after almost a half hour wait.. I chose another topping then... After this we waited for almost fifteen - twenty mins for the pizza to get ready.. After having the second pizza we realised it also has a strong garlic flavour ... Again totally DISSAPOINTED... Also there was way TOOOO MUUCCCHHH thinly sliced onions in the 2nd pizza that we ordered ... The other pizza didnt have so many onions... That was a big turn off.. The staff were very courteous ... But very poor service though.... We loved the crust and the cheese on the pizzas.. Over all experience - Average

  • on 18 Feb, 2013

    ChennaiFoodie aka Wasim

    For sometime on the food forums, Pizza Republic has been making a lot of noise! The owner was on the forums and was interacting actively and suddenly every scroll of the mouse or every click landed me somewhere which had something to do with Pizza Republic. And since it was far off (yes, in that part of the city), I never had a chance to visit them. Within a few weeks, I heard that they are opening another branch at Moggapair (it is equally far) and my cousin and a friend decided to check out the place. Since he offered to drive, I had no excuse to not go, so I landed my car in his house and hopped onto his for a ride and we landed there. The next 45 minutes were nothing short of a disaster. Everything I heard about Pizza Republic came crumbling down. Toppings were missing, pasta was overcooked, pizzas were burnt and flavours were outright bad! My jinx with Pizza Republic continued and I just made one comment on the CFG forum, paid and we all left, waiting outside for my friend's takeaway pizza to come. And we waited and waited......... And the next 15 minutes were nothing short of a miracle! The owner had seen the post on Facebook, asked us what went wrong, confirmed the same with his staff and we were refunded the full money inspite of us insisting that we will take back the money ONLY for the pizza that did not come, which was the takeaway. But they insisted that they screwed up our dinner, acknowledged that it was a big mess and refused to take no for an answer from our end and refunded our money in full. Rest of the blog post here.... http://http://www.chennaifoodie.com/2013/01/pizza-republic-report.html

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  • on 11 Feb, 2013

    Saritha Rao

    Just thought I'd add another long feedback to the many long posts appreciating Pizza Republic. My husband and I were there for lunch yesterday and we had a delightful time - this was one of those rare outings I've had since I broke my heel and it helped that Rama Krishnan had mentioned earlier on this forum that it was wheelchair friendly. Besides the obvious freshness of the ingredients in the pizzas, the easy to order menu and the pricing, we loved the whole experience because of the simplicity of it. COULD IMPROVE (1) there was no signage outside (2) pls add fresh Italian basil to the list of ingredients - you could actually grow it in the yard behind! (3) man checking water tank nearby - avoidable sight (4) until your menus are in place, maybe the boys could mention what is there instead of giving only the pizza menu - I later asked and realised there was also pasta and salads. LOVED - (1) we could effortlessly wheel me in, (2) what a soothing ambience overlooking the yard - I saw a chameleon (onaan) after many years! (3) loved the minimal-wash-up idea and to-go packaging with disposable papercups and cartons (4) the place was blessedly free of music and the two of us could have a conversation and a meal without any distractions - don't know if it gets otherwise noisy when crowded. (5) the staff was attentive but not obtrusive. Take a bow, Rama Krishnan! =)

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  • on 05 Jan, 2013

    Priya NM

    As soon as you enter,you will be given a form to fill ur choice of pizza...Place the order,pay the bill and after ten minutes,a box of fresh pizza delivered to you.You can either do take away or have it there...The concept is so simple ,but the pizzas are the best and affordable...The pizza pockets was so soft and delicious...of course it is an innovative creation by Ramkiji ....I loved the base sauce which was little spicy ,the ingredients were so fresh and what else you need in a pizza..Of course ,"the cheese" it just melts in your mouth..Pizza republic is planning to open lot of outlets around chennai...Dont miss to enjoy the freshest pizza by PR!!

  • on 26 Dec, 2012

    Nagarajan Natarajan

    After a really bad experience with Domino's I had always dissuaded wife from ordering pizza's for over 6 months. One fine day I was invited by a few friends to try out pizzas at this new place in Taramani, in the Copper Chimeny complex. I went there with zero expectations because I did not want to disappoint myself. Surprise Surprise. The base was soft and chewy, the sauce was made spicy to my liking and loaded with all the toppings I had asked for. Spent around 4 hours that evening. First was the thin crust which was gone in a jiffy and then came the italian crust tandoori chicken pizza with extra extra cheese. It came piping hot to the table and I tried to pickup a slice but the cheese kept stretching and for the next 2 mins I was trying to get the slice separate but the cheese kept stretching. And all of a sudden everyone was cheering and clapping with Ramki the humble founder of Pizza Republic in the background, I managed to get it up to 29 inches from the table. Ramki was amazed that it could stretch so far and explained how he had experimented with different types of mozzarella before choosing this blend of cheese. And during the process I burnt my fingers a little bit as the Pizza was right out of the oven but that did not stop me from enjoying it. Over the next few hours Ramki explained us how simple it is to make a pizza and how cheap it is to make a pizza. What I totally loved is, its very cheap and value for money. Nowhere else you can get a pizza for the this price and with this amazing TASTE. It was so good that I have spent all the past 5 Saturday evenings at Pizza Republic with friends. In the last couple of weeks, other than the outdoor seating area facing the CSIR road, they have also opened a 40 seater AC dine-in space with the idea of having live pasta and fresh juice counters Overall if you love pizza, this is a must place to go. Even if you dont like pizza's that much, you should definitely check this place out as Ramki surprises us with variations of pizza like calzone, burriza, Doza etc

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  • on 19 Nov, 2012

    Fazil Badrudeen

    Having wanting to visit Pizza Republic for a long time upon hearing on the various comments friends had about it, a bunch of us decided to check it out on a Saturday evening. The place was very well organized albeit being small. Very professionally managed hence the small space was not really a constraint. As of now they offer only outdoor seating with the indoor seating being ready to open in around 10 days. Pizza Republic has the unique concept of D-I-Y pizzas where u get to make your own pizza and salad. Ufcourse there will be professional chefs to assist you in your endeavour. The pizza's were piping hot and incredibly cheesy. The amazing taste partially being the result of your pizza base being prepared fresh in front of you when u order for your pizza. The pizza's were so yummy that I ended up taking a takeaway and to my surprise the pizza tasted as good though not exactly to how it tasted the previous night once it was heated up. This is a must recommend place and this is gonna be the next hangout of the town...

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  • on 12 Nov, 2012

    Roshan Kuruvilla Thomas

    Having been familiar with Ramki Ramakrishnan\'s 1 page 999 recipe cookbooks, I was none the less pleasantly surprised when he called to let me know he d actually opened a pizza & salad chain based on these concepts. Highlights of Pizza Republic are: There is no storage of vegetables so everything is prepared absolutely fresh several times a day. Since there are no storage costs, their costs work out far lower than conventional restaurants and this is passed on to the customer. As given elsewhere in another review 5 of us ate pizzas and salads to our hearts contents and the total bill came only around 900! The other highlight is that Pizzas and salads can (and are strongly encouraged) to be customized to your liking. This means a choice of 9 different bases, options for spice levels, and loads of toppings both free and optional. There are no highly trained chefs required since Ramki\'s process removes that dependency completely- essentially you are your own chef! Overall a very quality conscious yet very wallet friendly restaurant chain. Highly recommended!

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