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A South Indian to the roots, traditional restaurant by specialty Chef Jacob Aruni

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

Home Delivery


Chettinad, Street Food , Kerala, South Indian, Andhra, Short Eats

Cost :

Rs 800 for 2 Persons

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Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, Table Booking

  • on 25 Nov, 2013

    Prathap Gandhi

    Went to Jakob'c kitchen couple of days back with an ex-colleague for lunch. Their consistency is simply amazing! Experience with food is very very good every time I have been there except for couple of things this time! Have they changed the formula of Panagam lately,tasted li'l different to me,But no complaints. It still tasted good & I went for my usual extra glass! We ordered for2 plates of Jawahar Jaloor Parotta(1 Chicken ,1 Mutton). This is a must try item at Jakobs!I'm salivating while writing this. I have become a fan boy of this dish. Next was manpannai chicken biriyani. This too tasted good with succulent chicken pieces,somehow the Dalcha failed to elicit the WOW factor! We also orderd for Fish Chinthamani,it was like some Fish vadai.Tasted Good! We were stuffed by then,but there always space for Dessert We were recommended Kambu Halwa. One portion for 2 ppl. This is the first time I ever had it. Its served warm & had a fantastic taste,Mouth feel! Service as prompt as always!

  • on 05 Sep, 2013

    Nishanth Radhakrishnan

    Priya NM - Priya's Feast : Jakob's Kitchen, Nungambakkam http://http://www.priyasfeast.com/2012/06/jacobs-kitchen.html

  • on 02 Sep, 2013

    M. R. Nishanth

    The Chennai Food Blog - Karthik Ganapathi : Jakobs Kitchen, KNK Road, Nungambakkam http://http://www.eatwitheyes.com/2013/09/Jakobs-Kitchen-Lunch.html

  • on 22 Jun, 2013

    Prathap Gandhi

    Wanted to take my family for lunch.unlike me they prefer local cuisine...Jakob's was the obvious choice. The welcome drink Panagam is so kickass,I shamelessly asked for 3 - 4 glasses extra. We ordered for 1 Fish Fry,1 Mutton Sukka, 1 Ghee Fried Chicken, 1 Mutton curry, 2 Veg meals, 2 chicken Biriyani & 1 Ghee rice + 1 Lime Soda & 3 watter bottles. Easily one of the best south indian food I had tasted in the recent times, but felt the biriyani could have been a tad better! Service was definitely top notch. Family was happy after the meal. Total bill incl of ST & SC came to Rs.1775.00

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  • on 20 Jun, 2013

    Panpozhilpaavalan Muthuswaamy

    Missed The Real Jakob @ Jakob's Kitchen 3/5 * Having wanted to try this place for a while, I visited this place with my family a week before for dinner. The restaurant was on the first floor and had a valet parking to my surprise and was sparsely populated when we stepped in. Now let me come to the food, Soups:To our surprise, the Nandu Rasam and Nenjelumbu Rasam were mere spicy masala stalks of Crab and Mutton and never had a hint of any crab meat or mutton in it. Starters: Mutton Uppu Kari: was quite good and tasted real nice, But for a price of Rs 190 plus tax it was quite bone full. Meen Chintamini: was an absolute delight ,except for the pieces which were quite less for its price and disappeared in no time ;-) Chicken Lollypop: This had to be ordered to compensate the less quantity served on the above starters. Main Course: Manpannai Mutton Biriyani: was awesome and just tasted perfect as it had the right mix of everything (Mix of Rice, Meat and Masala) cooked to perfection, It just tasted like a biriyani cooked to perfection by a veteran member of your house on a festival day(Like your Mom preparing an awesome biriyani on Deepavali) Dessert: Elaneer Payasam: was a definite let off on its taste,quality,quantity and for the huge price it incurred. Verdict: Fondly Missed the Real Jakob at Jakob's Kitchen.

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  • on 16 Feb, 2013

    Vaidehi Satish

    This is a review of our visit to Jakob's Kitchen last evening: It was yet another Sunday evening and we were aimlessly driving with our three brats not knowing where to go. We drove from Vadapalani to Mount Road and then took Greams Road knowing that we would find some place to stop by. We entered KNK road and spotted Jakob's Kitchen. We knew that was our destination for the evening. We were early birds and did not have a reservation and they were very hospitable and accommodated us immediately. We were each served a Ginger Juice which was out of the world and my youngest who is almost 3 enjoyed it the most. 1. For starters, we ordered Chicken Chinthamani which was relished by all of us and they tasted like pakoras. We took back home a parcel too. 2. Jawahar Jaloor Parota - There were three options to choose from - Mutton, Chicken and Veg and we went with Chicken and it was outstanding. Right blend of spices with a gravy to dip. We took a parcel of this too. 3. I tried the Nandu Saaru which was a broth and it was truly heavenly and spicy. I loved it 4. The lil boys had Sweet Corn Soup and they enjoyed it 5. For the main course, we ordered for Appam, Egg Appam, Veetu Kozhi Curry. I personally was a bit disappointed with the Appams that were served. It felt like the Batter was sour. I also like my Appams to be crisp on the sides with a soft centre like we do at home. Veetu Kozhi curry was good too with medium spices and the chicken was well cooked and soft 6. Satish ordered for Railway Chicken Curry and Manpaanai Chicken Biriyani and felt it was very oily and the gravy was spicy. I saw the Oil floating too and did not feel like tasting it. Probably cos we use very less oil in our day to day cooking. 7. Now for the Desserts, I thought we went overboard with the rest of it so decided to get only for the boys who shared between two desserts. Elaneer Payasam was out of the world. One cannot stop with just one bowl. With Mettukudi Pudding, I felt that the milk that was used was burnt a bit or am not sure if it is supposed to taste that way. However, I usually don't get anywhere near to burnt milk but this one made me taste it again and again. It was a blend of Biscuit or Cake and Cream and fruits. It is definitely worth the try. Service was very quick and the staff were courteous too. On the price, I think it was pretty decent and I would certainly visit the place again to try the other Sea Food.

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This feature is not available for free listed restaurants. If you are a representative of this restaurant, contact us to become a Premium Restaurant Member and avail all the features as provided by Chennai Food Guide.