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Experiments in chocolate, represented through fine dessert and meals. Also drop by for some fresh meats & cheese from across the globe, now available in Chennai.

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

Home Delivery


American, Coffee Shop, French, Continental, Desserts, Mediterranean, Sea Food, Sandwiches, Greek, Burgers, Middle Eastern, Steak House, Cakes, Soul Food

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Rs 600 for 2 Persons

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Outdoor Catering, Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, Party Hall , Smoking Area, Table Booking

  • on 29 Aug, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    This is one place am more than happy that I found especially during pregnancy. Its about everything I love.. everything anyone would love... Breakfast all day in other words Eggs to order and hashbrowns whenever you crave them! yay! Plus one of the very few places you get awesome waffles and pancakes in Chennai. I know I jumped right into the menu because its so tempting! The ambiance and service are okay, nothin to complain about, especially when you walk in to find a whole counter of chocolates of all types placed along with pastries, who would notice anything else. Must-try the \'tiny cake\' which is in fact nothing but tiny, cheese cakes and the apple crumble. There is a huge menu of everything you wanna try which makes you go back there many times. And then again because you still want it one more time, and then again! The Pita and Hummus are great, the potato fritters was good too. There is a good variety of salads. The Pumpkin soup is worth licking the spoon and the bowl! yumm yumm!! Main course is pretty huge too, although am always stuck with the breakfast and directly jump to the dessert. Pastas, Raviolis and Quiches plus ribs and fish are popular among frien Dessert is amazing. Everything sinful, can turn you into a kid in a candy store. I love the white chocolate shake and the Funky Monkey icecream. Still got a lot more to try here.

  • on 22 Jun, 2013

    Karthik Lakshmi Ratan

    Went to sandys for lunch yesterday !. And the atmosphere was good , good ambience. Food now, We ordered the main course straight away, ordered a vegetable Lasagne and a friend of mine ordered a non-vegetarian burger. The burger first , very good patty, nice and crisp , that how i like a burger. The vegetable lasagne was very very good, had a mice coating of melted cheese on top and the pasta of the lasagne it self tasted as if it was home made. The filling was exceptionally good and tasted nice . The price for a meal for two was also reasonable Overall a nice meal and YES i would go there again . Would go there every day if i could :)

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  • on 20 Apr, 2013

    Chithra Viswanathan

    Have been there just once. My grand daughters treated me there on my birthday this year. I had just 2 dishes - Penne pesto and white chocolate milk shake. Both the dishes just "clean bowled" me and were enough to prove the class of the restaurant (Y)

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  • on 15 Apr, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    One of those days when impromptu plans were made and I met a friend of mine for lunch. Neither of us were really hungry, it was proving to be a long day and added it was the sweltering summer sun. After a few messages we decided to meet at Sandy's, wallace garden. Walked in, found a table for 2 near the counter and began catching up. We ordered drinks, she a ginger ale and I went for a Lychee fizz. Hers arrived in a can, while mine was served in a beaker with a pink straw. For someone who hates the sight of pink colour, i enjoyed every sip of this drink, maybe 'cos i love lychee. Read more--

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  • on 02 Mar, 2013

    Nishanth Radhakrishnan

    Karthik Ganapthi - The Chennai Food Blog : Sunday Breakfast at Sandy's http://

  • on 29 Jan, 2013


    Sandy's has become a part of my Sunday routine. Sunday brunch at sandy's is something I look forward to the whole week. The breakfast all day option with the French toasts to die for and the array of desserts will keep you coming back for more.

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  • on 26 Dec, 2012

    Nagarajan Natarajan

    How hard is to make a burger right? Apparently its very hard for the chef's at Sandy's as they try creating their own version and name it cheeseburger. If we re-christian Sandy's to Samsung, then we can sure expect a lawsuit. There are so many types of buns used to server burgers around the world but never on a FLAT BREAD but if they ever did they would not call it a burger. I can even forgive that but look at the supposedly ground beef patty. It tasted really good and soft but that is not how it is made for a burger. It is supposed to be firm when the patty is between buns and little smaller(not necessarily) than the bun itself so its hold together intact. When I eating this holding with both hands, the patty was brittle that it broke into a thousand pieces and fell on the plate. When i tried to eat with a fork, it again crumbled. I had to gather myself and request for a spoon so I do not waste 350 Rs. Mayo's taste was terrible. The only saving grace was the bacon on the burger and the bacon rashes I ordered on the side. Bacon was mouthwatering and not a little difference from all the places I have eaten so far. So 10/10 for the bacon. Caesar Chicken Salad is so easy to make but still so yummy because of the Caesar dressing right? At Sandy's they use some other dressing but they call it Caesar salad. Nevertheless the lettuce in it was fresh and the chicken was right so just gobbled it up without complaining. Also I don't want to look like an ass as there were few westerners eating without complaining. Wedges which came with the sandy's beef sandwich was amazing. Will go there again just for that and the deserts which I did not feel like having this time. The ambiance is simple and elegant. Service is alrite so dont expect ur burger like at fast foods :) Also their deserts are to die for . Had OMG and many others and all were yummy

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  • on 20 Nov, 2012

    Linu Paul

    We ordered the main course straight away since the kiddos were super tired after their church activities and were about to doze off. Ordered panko chicken, penne arrabiata with add on chicken and chicken lasagne. Though I had made up my mind to try the lasagne here (since last week’s outing for the same was not fruitful). The person who took our order was quite knowledgeable, which was a welcome change. Most often, the staff just rattle off names from the menu when one is in a hurry to order. And when we try to get some clarity on the ingredients, they give you a blank stare. But this person (forgot to ask his name though) was quick with his suggestions and was happy to clarify a couple of things. The panko chicken was breaded and crumb fried and had a nice crunch. The accompanying honey mustard sauce was a hit with my little one! Now on to the lasagne…served with a side of bread, this dish hit all the right notes. The pasta layers were well defined and the golden melted cheese on top was yum….I had a mini heart attack when I saw the penne arrabiata, the portion was so huge. The pasta sauce was big on flavours and finger licking good. I still remember the last time I had arrabiata at Pizza Hut and such a fiasco it was… After all that cheese and pasta, we really didnt have space for any dessert. But my older kid wanted to try out the petit fours so tried both the ones that were on display. The flourless and the chocolate petit fours (dont remember the name correctly) were both delish but I absolutely loved the flourless one…..have to try that one at home! Overall, a perfect end to a perfect Sunday!

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Contact Person : Mr. Baalaji

No. 2/15 Ganapathy Colony Main Road, Teynampet, Chennai-600018 (Near Mainland China, Cenotoph Road)