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Pan Asian, South Indian, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine served at Azzuri Bay overlooking the Bay of Bengal.

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

No Home Delivery


Desserts, Italian, Mediterranean, Pizza, South Indian, Thai, Pan Asian, Oriental

Cost :

Rs 1200 for 2 Persons

Timings :

12-3pm | 7-11pm

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Outdoor Catering, Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, Party Hall , Roof Top, Smoking Area, Table Booking, All Accessible

  • on 06 Sep, 2013

    Sharanya Sb

    I've been to Azzuri Bay twice now and I should say I'm quite confused about the place.Both times, I tasted some excellent dishes and some dishes that were not the best.The variety they offer is tremendous and ambiance is pretty good for a quiet meal.It's slightly expensive but I guess that's the price you pay for a fine dining experience.Also, the portions do justice to the expense part.If you want to try a variety in Pan Asian and Meditterenean, this is definitely the go to place!!

  • on 27 Aug, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    There we were at Azzuri Bay for lunch and it was pretty empty! I chose the combo meal while my friend opted for the plain rice and thai curry. During the earlier time here I have tried their Khow sway and quite an array of dishes, some of whcih were amazing while others left me confused. This particular time, before we ordered our lunch, the waiter brought forth two ice popsicles and placed them on our table. I was stunned and excited, for i havent seen this in I dont know how long. These were one of my favorites during my childhood days. Anyways, we asked the waiter to bring it post dinner but alas, forgot about it and will always regret not diving straight in. First up, I ordered my usual fresh lime soda, while my friend opted for a glass of Coke. I also ordered a veg platter as starters - it came with a veg kebab on sugarcane sticks, 2 moms, 2 wontons and mushroom kebabs as well. Each of the items were good, unique in flavour and perfectly cooked. They were served alongside two kinds of sauces- peanut sauce and a chilli sauce. Moving on to the main dishes, mine had a bowl of thai fried rice, thai curry, and a bowl of noodles. All but the noodles was good, i dint quite like the noodles. And to finish off, as part of my meal I got 2 fried ice cream balls while my friend ordered an entire portion of the same which had about 6 pieces. All in all, a good meal. :-)

  • on 20 Aug, 2013

    Stalin Ca

    I loved the ambience and the food. A nice place to hang out with friends and have a tasty buffet.

  • on 05 Jul, 2013

    Sridhar Ravi

    this place is absolutely brilliant to dine during night time with its view over the river!!! food is good too !!!

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  • on 28 Apr, 2013

    Harish Goutham

    Went for lunch , first thing we noticed was that we got a table as soon as we got in . But was disappointed by the ambience , average decoration, not a good A/C even the speakers were creative . didnt hear any music though. The menu was divided into three pan asian , italian Mediterranean and south indian . went for the thai starter and a thai rice . then with a wasabi noodles . the side dish was a schezwan vareity of chicken . the side dish was good , the noodles had a lot of olive oil in it and the thai rice was not good however the quantity was not adequate . Final verdict . Too pricey . Good vareity . Poor ambience and good hospitality

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  • on 19 Feb, 2013

    ChennaiFoodie aka Doc Waz

    CFG was at it again and this time we met at Azzure Bay on a Wednesday. I walked in late (honestly, due to traffic) and could not help but notice the very nice roof top setting. At first sight it was wonderful and if you there earlier, you might be able to get a view of the Adyar river. Not sure if its pretty or ugly though. Old memories were dug out with the 'pepsi', the flavored drink in a sachet at a time when multi nationals were kept out of the country. It was enjoyable. There were a few varieties of iced tea, but I did not like them. If possible, I would get the ice tea from Crimson Chakra next door, but I stuck to the regular iced tea and it was nice. There was so much food and I kept away from the vegetarian dishes, leaving it to the specialists. A crispy fried beef came along and it was yummmmmm. Totally enjoyed it. The next dish, which is actually a main course was served as a starter, the grilled prawns. It was super too. The prawns were served shell on and the head on etc and the flavor was perfect. The pepper fish was another nice dish but lots of people found the pepper overwhelming, but I liked it. And then there was a three cheese something stuck on a stick and I liked that too. Rest of the review....... http://

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  • on 16 Feb, 2013


    The place offers a lovely fine dining experience. I have been to this place twice one with family and one on a no holds party with colleagues. Everything we tasted from veg & non veg platter to veg and non-veg soups to Thai curries ,red and green, to desserts was very impressive. Top delicious food with excellent ambiance and top notch service and you have a must go place called Azzuri Bay. We have tried their Pan Asian platter(veg) and its superb.It has 4 starters-1)Crunchy corn out of the world,2)Spring rolls are good too,3)Paneer tikka-paneer is well flavored and 4)my fav cheese wonton-it has cheese in the center, you take a bite and the cheese oozes out and trust me it tastes like heaven.The Thai green curry(veg) is a bit tangy and nice.The soups are spicy and yumm. The Thai red curry(veg) is spicy as the name suggests.The burnt garlic rice is amazing-the burnt garlic leave a very nice flavor and it goes very well with the rice,a must try. The place offers roof top dining but you must book in advance otherwise there is a very slim chance it would be available when you walk in.So reserve your table well in advance. In a nut shell, do give this place a try. From food to service to ambiance to food variety it has it all.

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  • on 11 Mar, 2013

    Fazil Badrudeen

    Arriving at Azzuri Bay, the first thing that stood out to me was their ambiance. Being a little late, we immediately jumped into the food. The soup of the afternoon was a \'Broccoli Cream Soup\'. The soup had a good flavor in it but a tad more creamy. Other than that nothing extra ordinary about the soup. Once we were done with the soup, the next to be savored were the starters. The buffet consisted of 4 starters, viz. Veg Spring Rolls, Chilly Panneer, Thai Crispy Fish and Stuffed Mushrooms. The Veg Spring Rolls were crispy and oil less. The fillings were fresh and folded into a small bite size portion that was delightful. The Chilly Panneer I felt was a major let down. It was too spicy and the Panneer seemed hard and rubbery. The Thai Crispy Fish was good but had a strong flavor of Thai sauces in it but the fish was well cooked which gave an overall satisfaction. The Stuffed Mushrooms gave me a mixed opinion. Some of the one\'s I had were a bit salty while the others were balanced. The fillings were delicious and provided a good closure to the starters. Coming to the Mains, being a tri-cuisine restaurant, they had a few dishes in each. The Italian was represented by \'Chickpeas & Mixed Vegetable Steak\', \'Grilled Veg penne in Red/White sauce\' & \'Cheese Grilled Fish\'. All the 3 dishes passed my test. The steak was packed well and the sauce accompanying it was a perfect contribution to it and really helped lift it\'s flavors. Being a fish avoid-er I felt the Cheese Grilled Fish was cooked to the point and was well dressed in the cheese sauce. The pasta had a good mixture of vegetables in it and was one of the best dishes of the afternoon. Heard from peers that Italian is really good at Azzuri Bay. The Pan-Asian cuisines were represented by \'Veg Noodles\', \'Beijing Manchurian\' & \'Hunan Chicken Gravy\'. The noodles were more like the regular Chinese noodles, nothing that really stood out. The Beijing Manchurian was more on the lines of veg dumplings shaped as balls and cooked in a Manchurian sauce. The effect of the sauce on the dumplings were overwhelming. The Hunan Chicken Gravy was the dish that stood out in this representation. The chicken was cooked soft and had a good amount of spiciness in it along with the right balance of meat and sauce. To complete the main offerings, we had the South Indian cuisine which were represented by \'Kal Dosa\', Lemon Rice, \'Steamed Rice\', \'Mutton Khurma\' followed by 3 varieties of Podi with Ghee. Skipped the Kal dosa as I generally tend to avoid dosa\'s unless they are straight from the hot stone. I believe the dosa loses it\'s flavors as it cools down. The Lemon rice was the typical one that we get in other south Indian restaurants. The Mutton Khurma was a good accompaniment for the Steamed Rice. But what really made my day at Azzuri Bay was the availability of Podi for the rice. I\'m sure the satisfaction and fullness that Rice with Podi can give can never be attained by consuming any other delicacy. Being stuffed with the rice and podi combination, the desserts were more of a formality. The desserts that were made available today were \'Gulab Jamun\', \'Kaju Halwa\' & \'Chocolate Brownie\'. The jamun was well prepared and not too sweet which according to me is a perfect one. I hate those that are served at certain restaurants where the syrup is too sweet that it powers the taste of the jamun itself. The Kaju Halwa was more of the regular types available at most places and the brownie with chocolate sauce was also passable except for the brownie being a bit too hard. Really wished that they had some desserts from the Pan-Asian cuisine rather than having 2 from the Indian. With the buffet costing Rs. 500/- nett per person, I am of the opinion that it is a good value for money and food if not extraordinarily great makes for a good buffet over many other restaurants in town. Perfect if you are looking at treating a big group of people especially considering the ambiance and the rooftop options. For a pictorial tour of the dishes, please visit http:// and follow on twitter @foodinchennai. You can also like us on

  • on 14 Jan, 2013

    Nishanth Radhakrishnan

    At Azzuri Bay, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar for lunch. Since we didn't have too much of an appetite didn't opt for the newly introduced Rs 500 per person weekday lunch buffet. We were seated in the 2nd floor & friend insisted on having bottled drinking water. With 4 cuisines to choose from - South Indian, Italian, Pan Asian & Mediterranean we seriously were lost as to what to choose and order from. After spending a considerable amount of time turning the menu card pages back & forth, friend saved the day by opting to try out pasta. I said a pizza to go with it and NO came the answer. So main course friend decided to go for a non veg chicken pasta - with red sauce & penne while I opted for the Chicken Milanese. We were served both dishes in around 20 minutes. The Roast Chicken Mushroom, oven roasted Tomato, ... pasta tasted quite good & we indulged right to the last spoon. My dish is supposed to be crumbled chicken breast grilled and served with grilled onions, walnut & red wine sauce but it didn't look at all appealing to me. The taste of the whole dish was so so; nothing spectacular - I should have gone for the Grilled Beef Steak. Anyways for desserts we chose to have gelatos - double chocolate & hazelnut chocolate (a scoop each). Both tasted yummy & nothing like a guilt free option to ice cream. For 2 persons the bill came to Rs 1154/- including Taxes. A satisfying lunch on a nice quiet weekday (holiday) afternoon.

  • on 10 Jan, 2013

    M. R. Nishanth

    Shadir Bughari - Chennai Soru : Azzuri Bay, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar

  • on 22 Nov, 2012

    Ajmal Akon

    It\'s a wonderful place to dine at. Especially at night time the roof top - overlooking the Adyar river, the lighting & ambiance. Add to it the food is also pretty special - tasty, fair portions. A little expensive. But good things in life come with a price. A must dine, must visit place in Chennai.

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