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Chennai's latest fine dining experience is all set to welcome you with a bang! Food here is like music and so is the ambiance. No horns, no pollution, no noise. Its just you, the butler and a range of the most eclectic dishes to dig into.

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

Home Delivery


Continental, North Indian, South Indian, Fusion

Cost :

Rs 1000 for 2 Persons

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12-3pm | 7-11pm

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Outdoor Catering, Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, WiFi Available, Outdoor Dining, Party Hall , Buffet Spread, Smoking Area, Table Booking, All Accessible

  • on 22 Feb, 2014

    Prathap Gandhi

    Back again at Crimson for lunch with a friend whom I met after many months. So it has to be special & so lunch was at Crimson Chakra. We ordered for 1. Pepper Chicken(Milagu Varuth Kozhi) for starters which packed a punch & tasted good. For main course friend orderd CC's super hit recipe Mutton Smoked Rice.It was the first time my friend dined here,he enjoyed the smoky falvour in the rice. I too tasted a bit of it(C'mon how can I not?).I ordered for a Warm Chicken Salad - Half Portion. Beware while ordering this.If u r single person ask only for half portion. Its huge & too creamy :P I enjoyed it. For desserts it was Eleneer Souffle as usual & was luck to get Panchamirtham Souffle. Both were fantastic. All in all a happy lunch with a friend! Total bill Rs.1080 after 10% CFG discount.

  • on 30 Sep, 2013

    Shadir Bughari

  • on 24 Sep, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    There we were back again... Crimson Chakra is a name that is familiar to all of us, and for those who have been there numerous it is 2nd home! The smoked rice, the elaneer soufflé are so popular that there have been days when we have walked in and the staff knows our order without us spelling it out. The place has been the venue for many workshops, home bakers meet and most recently the venue for Farmer’s market as well. We were therefore back in familiar ground. But this time it was to try out a new menu that Nikhil and his team had put together. These dishes would be incorporated with the existing menu. Oh and they have recently launched CC by the night- just what the city needed. It is to satiate those late night cravings or dinner option when you are done with a midnight movie show. Just call, order and pick up the food or have it delivered home piping hot. Food is neatly packed and the kitchen is open till 3am. So if you are going to be getting back home late or thinking of hosting a midnight party, this is where you turn to. read more on -

  • on 06 Sep, 2013

    Sharanya Sb

    I have lost count of the number of times I've visited Crimson and the number of people I've recommended Crimson Chakra too. For me, it's one of THE best places to dine in the city.I love the location, the ambiance, the food, the service and just everything about the place.My usual order is the smoked Paneer rice, Kozhi varutha curry and Elaneer Souffle.I cannot end my meal there without the Elaneer Souffle.I love the fact that they're constantly open for feedback and improvement and have a long way since the restaurant opened.Of all the people I've recommended CC to, I've only had good remarks and it makes me proud to say I"m a big fan of this place.Crimson Chakra is definitely here to stay!!!

  • on 06 Sep, 2013

    M. R. Nishanth

    Karthik Ganapathi - Eat with Eyes : Crimson Chakra, Adyar http://

  • on 22 Jul, 2013

    Prathap Gandhi

    It has become a cliche to say I dined at Crimson & it was super & all that! Visited CC fro lunch with 2 other ppl. We ordered for Mutton Kheema Soup, Hariyali Fish Kebab,Chicken Kebab(marinated in some exotic sounding masala whose name I don\'t remember),Liver Fry for starters. By the time we finished the starters we hardly had any place in stomach. The liver fry was just fab. Gave them a feedback if it was made with small Indian red onions it will still taste better. Also said it will make a terrific dish if paired with Idli or Dosa,Nikhil who was nearby immediately obliged for it & got Dosas(on the house :D) As customary,we ordered for a Mutton Kheema Biriyani & Eleneer Souffle for Dessert. They were finished of in no time & headed back home happily :)

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  • on 11 Jul, 2013

    Aruna Ravekumar

    How can one not fall in love with this place when the food, ambiance and the service was, in simple terms-divine! My lunch with a friend last Sunday was at Crimson Chakra. We were so pleased to get a table by the pool side that we sat gorging all the yummy food, chatting for an hour and a half. The Crab Cakes for starters were really decent. So were the Buffalo Wings. Then came the main course. My Vegetable Lasagna was yet again a divine creation I would say ( no kidding! I am still drooling at the thought of it- even a week!) and not to mention the gorgeous proportion of their own soft oven- baked bread and butter that came with it. My friend's Prawn Macedonia really did all the prawns proud and worth dying for. The crunchy prawns with a small touch of prawn tails ... gah! The veggies lacked little salt but with the gravy i guess they went great. By now we had devoured all the godly creations and were about to explode but like they say, there is always some room in your tummy for dessert . One scoop of vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce did good. Lunch for two came up to 1700 INR. Crimson Chakra is certainly set to make the world a better place to dine in!

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  • on 01 Jul, 2013

    Vidhya Narayanan

    Lost count of how many times i have been here but 9 out of 10 times i have always been very happy about the food here. Wanted to go to another resto but due to rains the proximity to Crimson Chakra, Adyar was closer. And as always it never failed me. Cream of Tomato Soup, Butter Naan, Paneer Butter Masala, Kadai Vegetable and a chicken dish. It was super satisfying. We actually had to skip the dessert coz we were too full. I am definitely going back there for a seperate dessert session.

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  • on 30 Apr, 2013

    Prathap Gandhi

    Last friday,visited Crimson Chakra,Adyar along with a friend from Mumbai. His chioce was HSB as he wanted to taste South Indian food only. I suggested him Crimson Chakra & I'm glad i did that. So we landed by 9.0pm & took seat near the pool. The decor & ambiance impressed my friend a lot. We orderd for Thakali Pondu Soup,Crab Cake,1 appam,1 Egg Appam,1 idiappam(4 pieces),Chettiar Kozhi Curry,Tender Coconut Mousse,2 lime juice & 1 water bottle. He was amused by tender Coconut mousse & clicked his way to glory :) Every item was superb & served in time. Price for a satisfying dinner Rs.1542.00 incl of SC. Happy smile on friend's face after the dinner - Priceless!

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  • on 26 Apr, 2013

    Madan Gc

    It was my wife's birthday and i wanted to surprise her, booked a table at Crimson Chakra, Adyar, requested the manager there Mr.Mohan to buy a flower bouquet from some nearby store and also a 1/2kg cake from the Crimson bakery, he agreed for that. Upon reaching the resto i surprised my wife with the flower bouquet & we also made her cut the cake there. The Cake - Chocolate cake is our fav and hence ordered .5kg, the cake was too soft, amazing taste with caramel sticks on the edges, we ate half of the cake and packed the remaining, took it to my parents place after the dinner and they finished it all, everyone loved it. Then we ordered the starters: Kaalan Varuval - Mushroom is my wife's fav dish and hence i ordered it, every time when we dine out we order a veg starter for my wife and a non veg starter for me, we have tried this mushroom fry in many places and usually i would take 2 pieces for taste, but here when the dish arrived the look was so tempting, small mushroom pieces marinated in south Indian masalas and deep fried, i picked the first one and it was yum, no stopping from then on, we both finished it in no time, i couldnt believe that i ate almost 50% of that plate ;). Sutta karuveppillai Meen - My wife eats fish only if its really clean and absolutely no smell, the dish arrived, around 5 medium sized fish cubes grilled with curry leaf masala. I took the first one and started eating, i took small pieces dipped it in the chutney and ate them real slow, it was so tasty i wanted the taste to last long. After finishing the 1st piece i looked at the place and only 2 pieces were there :o my wife had finished 2 pieces in no time, in a hurry i took the remaining pieces and finished it, she too liked it very much, amazing taste, no smell, fresh fish and grilled to perfection. Ordered Butter Naan and Kadai Vegetable for our son and he enjoyed it. For the maincourse I was determined to order something from the Continental menu but couldnt go past the Smoked Rice page ;) my weakness and ended up ordering Smoked Mutton Rice, it doesnt need any mention and its their signature dish, as usual amazing taste. The previous day i had mutton biriyani from another resto in Adyar and was disappointed with the quality of the mutton served there and was urging to taste some good meat. The mutton here was tender, soft and perfect taste, loved it a lot and the mutton smoked rice had too many pieces of mutton, wow. A disappointment was that we didnt had space in our stomach for the desserts, i love their Elaneer souffle, will have to come back again only for starters and deserts :D A special thanks to Mr.Mohan and his team for their amazing service.

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  • on 20 Apr, 2013

    Khan Farah

    Finally got to redeem my CFG voucher at Crimson Chakra, Adyar. I reached at 8:10pm with 4 adults and 2 kids. The table was ready for us. As we selected the menu the waiter suggested we go in for their combo meal. The soup and Non veg starters were too good( see the pic).The waiting time between the soup and starters was about 15-20minutes. For the main course we were served 1 mutton and drumstuck gravy, Chicken gravy and 2 naans, 2 phulkas. The mutton curry was amazing. For 4+2 kids we took hardly 5 minutes to finish the naans and phulkas...After 20 minutes of waitin we were served 3 aapams. The aapams disappered in the next 5 minutes. After waiting and asking the waiters for the next dish we were given 1 chicken smoked rice. The taste was good but dint know what to do with 1 smoked rice for 4+2 of us. We asked for 2 more aapams and finally after a lot of time say about 10 minutes we got 2 aapams. we waited about 20 minutes waiting and calling the waiters to know what we will get next. Around 20 minutes later we were told the only thing left in our combo is curd rice and dessert.It was already 9:4pm and kids getting cranky so were ready to run away from the place and waiting for the much awaited Elaneer Souffle. The taste was good. Finally we were billed for 4 combos out of which we missed the 3 smoked chicken rice. The food was too good but the service pathetic .

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  • on 19 Apr, 2013

    Nishanth Radhakrishnan

    I am a regular at Crimson Chakra for Smoked Chicken Rice and Elaneer Souffle - I have lost count of the number of times I have had the combination at the Gandhi Nagar, Adyar outlet. It is my comfort food like Hot Touch Burger+Rib Piece Chicken from Marry Brown or Chicken Shawarma+Grilled Chicken from Copper Kitchen - I basically live on it!!! Could Crimson Chakra surprise me? Yes, they could. Excite my taste buds? Of course. But how? Vegetarian.. Come again.. Yeah, vegetarian. Was at Crimson Chakra, Gandhi Nagar for Dinner with CFG members & good friends Avanthi and Dilip. Since both of them were Vegetarian decided to give them company (Yes, I love my vegetables!) & a brilliant decision too to say the least. Ordered the Tortilla Soup which is broth with corn, peppers, tomato, chilly, herbs, and crisp tortilla chips - each sip was heavenly! For the main course we decided to go ahead with Smoked Paneer Rice & Urulai Thokku with Kulchas. I was a bit skeptical on how good the veg version of the Smoked Rice would be - Paneer with Rice that's cooked on coal? Come on.. That's perfect for a meat based dish. Again proved wrong & what a stunner the Smoked Paneer Rice turned out to be. And the best part of the dish it's a complete meal by itself & doesn't require accompaniments. The Urulai Thokku is a dish made out of baby potatoes cooked in a traditional pickling masala with onions and tomatoes - I really liked the flavor, spice & texture of the gravy and it went really well with the Kulchas. We were so stuffed & mighty content that there was no room for desserts.. No room whatsoever for Elaneer Souffle. Come on. Yes, the next time it is.. For 3 persons the Dinner meal came to Rs 1100 odd with Taxes which work out to Rs 350 per person. Also must mention about the service - it was top notch that evening. Yes, they are days when the the service is off but tonight was all about being close to perfection and it was. Also it was great catching up with Dilip & Avanthi and listening to them most of the evening - welcome break must say!! And thus the Excellent Vegetarian Dinner at Crimson Chakra, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar came to an end.

  • on 18 Apr, 2013

    Preeta Suresh

    Easily one of my favourite restaurants in town. My top picks: Perfectly done aapams and stew A big bowl of delicious salad (i forget the name) on my ..well..salad days Extraordinary smoked rice And the piece de resistance - Coconut souffle Well suited for family dinners, client meetings and romantic dinners with your special someone. I've experienced their candle room during my birthday - its definitely something you want to try out once just to luxuriate with your partner. Service is decent for the most part, but they have their off days where the attendant messes up the order or the food arrives cold or too late or not in sync with the others seated at the table. But overall a must try out and become regular type of fancy place - hopefully on a very good day !

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  • on 04 Mar, 2013

    Kousalya Suriamurthy

    I heard lot abt this restaurant from CFG facebook so I wanted to visit ! first thing which i didn't like is mosquitoes there were 100's and thousands of them ...Service is okay is okay nothing great about it ....tender coconut and walnut mousse was good... its not worth for the money we spent!

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  • on 01 Mar, 2013

    Vidhya Narayanan

    Notihng like good food to make your day. And today it certainly did. Had been to Crimson Chakra and it was amazing food at anytime. What really made my day was a Banana cutlet ala pazhampori complimentary and an aapam and veg curry. Made me think about Kerala yet again. My friends had Non Veg food which was beef steaks with vegetable rice and a mutton biriyani which i heard was good as well. And the best of it all was yet to come..Elaneer Souffle.. yummmmmmmmm. Nikhil thanks for making this dessert. Its THE signature dish of CC. I was so lost in food that i missed taking pictures. Next time.. definitely :) P.S: Got to survive on fruits to shed away the calories of today's lunch over the next two days.

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  • on 26 Feb, 2013

    Deepa Iyer

    A dinner with friends, on a relaxed weekday evening and I couldn't think of any other place other than CC. Recent mixed reviews had me thinking twice, but I went ahead. I also had the 20% discount voucher and decided to make the most of it. We were 5 of us. 2 tortilla soups, 1 baby corn curry leaf fry, 1 stuffed mushroom was the beginning of the meal. The tortilla soup and baby corn were perfect. The stuffing in the mushroom was too sweet and the dip was too mustardy. Didn't quite like it. The main course consisted of 1 veg smoked rice, 2 appam, 1 stew and 1 penne pasta. The pasta was overcooked and the sauce was too thick. The appam, stew and smoked rice were perfect as usual. We didn't order any dessert. The total bill came to 1601 for 5 people (after discount). That's about 320 per head.

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  • on 24 Feb, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    Had the set Lunch at Crimson Chakra KNK Road on fri and it was good.. I went ahead with the thakkali poondu soup while friend chose to order Cream of tomato, both were nice and hot. The veg platter was quite a large portion, so many different varieties and each one with its distinct flavours. We were full after that and couldnt do justice to the main courses. The staff brought the main dishes before we were done with the platter and so we requested them to give us some time. But then when it came time for the main, the tandoor was giving them trouble and so we had to settle for rotis instead of naan. The smoked veg rice- perfecto, side dishes- paneer was good, but the mix veg had a very chettinad flavour to it. As for desserts, we were happy to dig into the warm gulab jamun served with vanilla ice cream. A meal that is total value for money... Rs450 is the charge for this menu!!

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  • on 14 Jan, 2013

    Shadir Bughari

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  • on 14 Nov, 2012

    Nagarajan Natarajan

    This is my review of the all new lunch buffet at Crimson Chakra. Crimson Chakra Lunch Buffet: Everyone know Nikhil asked ideas/suggestion from CFG members for setting up the lunch. I contributed something and got news that the buffet is open. This was around 2-3 weeks ago. I often discuss with by brother in law about the taste of food served at crimson chakra like how all the gravies are not onion/tomato/chilly overload, how most of the dishes had a unique taste compared to other restaurants. Couple of days after the buffet was open I told him about the 500 Rs buffet and he was very excited. Excited so much that the next day 20 people from his team went for the buffet and came back utterly disappointed. First thing he said was..There is no dry chicken dish in the buffet like tandoori, kebab etc and there was no biryani(Though there was veg smoked rice in the buffet, he did not know the signicance of it. I did not mention it to him so it was my mistake). I immediately passed the comments to Nikhil and he said he is tweaking it everyday and it should be perfect very soon. Days passed by and was reading karthik's and Linu paul's review about Crimson Chakra. Everytime I read the review I think about Smoked rice, Water Chestnut Mouse and Yelaneer souffle. You can say I was yearning for it. I often think about going here for the buffet but I was lazy to have buffet alone. I cannot eat a lot without talking a lot so company is a must. Finally the perfect situiation arrived. My last week at the client's office is next week so I need to treat my team to show my appreciation for their smart work and dedication for the past 18 months. I just didnt want to take them out for namesake. I want them to remember this lunch out for a long time and they have only heard about Crimson Chakra from me.Perfect. Booked a table for 4 and went exactly at 1pm. Went in and chose a table close to tbe buffet. Without even sitting, went straight to dig in. Took the plate and the first on the buffet was Panner Tikka...SHOCKING...JITTERS everywhere. Skipped. Next is Uralai Varuvai. Ok I just dropped my shoulder and walked around and finally spotted BBQ Chicken, choose 1 medium and 1 large piece, next I saw 3-4 NV dishes and I found Skewered Fish (like chicken satay) and Chicken Kebabs. NV starters in my plate and some green salad, Potato and apple salad. Potato and apple salad was creamy was mindblowing, reminded me of the creamy egg salad. BBQ chicken was perfectly cooked in a slightly sweet bbq sauce. The fish skewards was soft and delicious as well but lacked something. Maybe it needs to be little crispy on the top. Went for a second round of the NV starters minus BBQ chicken. By this time Chef Nirmal came by and offered us a sampler of the chicken smoked rice as 3 of my collegues have never tried that before but wanted to after hearing from me praises day after day. He was very polite and courteus. I left the sampler for my collegues and wanted to use the remaining space for the yelaneer souflee. Today i was determined to try all the vegetarian dishes as I wanted to write a comprehensive review for the establishments new offering, the lunch buffet. Got Veg Corn Spring Rolls was fresh and not chewy at all. Loved it. Then I Put small quantities of Vendai mochai kozhambu, Kadai Veg, One Naan and large quantities of Fish curry and Kozhi Varutha curry. It was fantastic. Time and again I wonder how they are able to make all these gravies without an hint of tomato overload. Very nice. yelaneer Souflee needs no review. The brownie was warm and the choc syrup was nice. Whiskey Chololate Mousee topped with a large portion of yelaneer souflee was like desert heaven. I only eat mandatory deserts as I am watching my weight. For all those who does not want to read the lengthy review can just go thru the list of items availabe at the buffet below. Panneer tikka Urulai varuval Veg corn spring rolls Vendai mochai kozhambu Kadai veg Dal Naan/roti Steamed rice Vegetable biryani Ratatouille grilled Bbq chicken Kozhi varutha curry Fish curry Skewerd fish Chicken kebabs Green salad Papad Potato and apple salad Raitha 3 kinds of dips. Fresh Bread 2 types of butter Gulab jamun Yelaneer souffle Brownie Whiskey chocolate mouse Chocolate syryp Buffet costs 500 Rs all inclusive of tax and service charge. Please call and make reservation as the tables got full as soon as sat at 1pm.

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  • on 26 Oct, 2012

    Sreehari B Nambiar

    It was some hard work by the Crimson Chakra that really impressed me. Initially when it opened I had visited this place twice and on my word my wife came with her friends. I was totally ashamed that I had recommended this place. So from that rock bottom to the head high position now, where I am proudly recommending the restaurant is a huge effort. Recently after convincing myself multiple time, I took my office colleagues there. They were so happy that they went back there the next week also. Excellent work and keep working on it. The new buffet that you have come out is quite good too. Loved the menu spread. You have now a fan in me for Crimson Chakra!

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