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A signature Italian café-restaurant, The Pasta Bar Veneto serves delectable Italian cuisine at unlike Italian prices. Passionately made from real ingredients, the dishes are indeed a treat to your taste buds. Dine in to discover the difference.

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

Home Delivery


Coffee Shop, Desserts, Italian, Russian, Pizza, Sea Food, Juices, Sandwiches, Ice Cream, Salads, Short Eats, Tea, Confectionery, Grill

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Rs 600 for 2 Persons

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Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, WiFi Available, Outdoor Dining, Party Hall , Smoking Area, Table Booking

  • on 08 Oct, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    When you think of something or someone, it is true that you end up seeing them often or that thing everywhere you go. Similarly, I haven’t been to Pasta Bar Veneto in ages, the 1st visit was years ago and in Alsa Mall. And then a brief visit to their outlet in Pondy. 2 weeks got the opportunity to visit the outlet in Burkitt Road. Who would have thought I would be back there once again. Yes it happened last evening! Unlike earlier, these days I don’t mind going anywhere. Most places are a hop skip or jump away. It took me just about 12 mins to reach Burkitt Road from home and I was there before 7.30pm. Spotted the gang, said Hi hello, and everything else and we took a booth on the right side of the restaurant. We were greeted and shown the menu, including the new dishes that had been recently included. An interesting thing about the menu card here is that all the dishes have a code next to them. Such a blessing, as it makes it easy for people who have difficulty in pronouncing the names to order. I shall take the G9 or E17 and your dish arrives with no confusion!! We started the evening by ordering a few beverages. Hot chocolate, fresh lime soda salt [my standard order] and Green apple mojito. The hot chocolate came in the most gorgeous mugs and looked yumm.. I slurped my lime soda with glee and the mojito was also good [tad sweet for my liking]. With a little one to keep us smiling, we started the evening on a high note. While we flipped through the menu, our eyes locked at the Zuppa section [Soups]especially the Zuppa di Arachidi Zucca [pumpkin soup] [C3], and the other option was Zuppa di pollo [chicken soup] [C5]. I loved the pumpkin soup, but felt it was a tad salty [probably cos of the herbs that were sprinkled on top which had a bit of salt in them].. Moving on, for starters we were served a crostini platter- two kinds- one with peas & potato[A4] and other had mushrooms & cheese[A5]. The former was a tad mushy and bland while later was good. We also tried their other mushroom starter- Funghi Saltati con pesto [ mushrooms tossed in garlic and cooked with pesto]-[A8], the pesto was very subtle in this, but being a mushroom freak, I loved it. And then came the plates filled with more starters, 2 non veg and one more veg.. The veg was Brocolli and cheese grill [A9] which was yumm, the broccoli had been cooked just right. The non veg eaters had fish fingers[A14], pigs in a blanket except here it was chicken[A12] and prawns batter fried. Amidst the food, we also chatted with the manager about the new dishes and asked him for recco for the main course. After much deliberation, we decided to go with 4 different dishes.. I chose the Macaroni & Corn bake [D4], which was served alongside a slice of bread and it was quite good. It is quite a large portion and filled with corn and spinach as well, a tinge of red chilli that added to the flavours. The others went for non veg dishes- Panna con prosccuitto di pollo e piselli [Cavatappi pasta[longer twisted version of macaroni] cooked with chicken ham and chicken sausages in white sauce], Salsa rosso con pollo e funghi[E19]- grilled chicken, red paprika and mushroom that had been tossed in peri peri spicy sauce which was ordered with fettucini pasta and finally, the Involtini di pollo ripieno [F3] which was stuffed chicken breast on a thick tomato creamy sauce served with a side of grilled veggies. The main dishes were good…. Before we knew it, time had flown by and it was nearly 9.30. We quickly ordered desserts- I chose the Apple Strudel with vanilla cream [I14], the others chosen were Mud pie [I6], Pizza dolce [ fruit pizza] [I2] and Poached pear in berry soup [I5]. Loved mine and the poached pear the best. The pizza was alright, dint like the texture and thickness of the sweet focaccia bread and the mud pie was confusing. And with that the evening was done!! We had a good time needless to say- good company, good ambiance, amazing music [yes i knew most of the songs J] and good food.. I would definitely recommend the Pumpkin soup and poached pear to anyone who is curious about Pasta Bar Veneto. J Address: OLD No 59,New No #32,, Burkit Road,T.Nagar Burkit Rd, Parthasarathy Puram, Thiyagaraya Nagar, Chennai, TN 600017 Ph- 044 4212 6680 Website: http://http://www.thepastabarveneto.com Directions: Get into Venkatnarayana road, and go all the way down, and take the last but one right. Within 200yards you will find Pasta Bar Veneto on your right, adj to Canara bank Psst- the numbers in the bracket are the code for the dishes!! :D

  • on 23 Sep, 2013

    M. R. Nishanth

    The Chennai Food Blog - Karthik Ganpathi - The Pasta Bar Veneto, Forum Mall, Vadapalani http://http://www.eatwitheyes.com/2013/09/Pasta-Bar-Veneto-Forum-Mall.html

  • on 06 Sep, 2013

    Sharanya Sb

    Went to the pasta bar Veneto in forum and it was yet another delightful experience. From the ambiance to the food to the service, everything was good and i just love the chalk board and the drawings on it. A lovely place to be as always. Good luck Bipin Kumar and team!! Hope this outlet also does as well as the others. Looking forward to my next visit there.

  • on 31 Aug, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    THis is a place I havent been to in ages. The very 1st time was with a friend and we were at the Alsa mall outet.. We had a good time, the food was awesome and so was the ambiance. We enjoyed the pizza and the simple starters they had. I also remember the place being fairly empty, but then maybe it was a weekday. Since then they have opened quite a few outlets. I did visit the one in Pondy and we had a few starters and drinks there- what a delight they were! I spotted them in Forum mall, so looks like it is time to go back and try their dishes out soon

  • on 29 Aug, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    So Pasta Bar delivers in Ashok Nagar! Took advantage of it as soon as i got to know it! Yummy Italian food right at home! Some pics here!

  • on 28 Jul, 2013

    aruna narayanan

    Wanna have a lazy dinner/ lunch? Pasta bar is the place to be!!!! I have frequented PBV at T.Nagar for more than a year. Whenever I wanna catch up with friends, have long conversations, relax and not burn a hole in my pocket, the Pasta bar veneto is my first choice. The place is mostly quiet, gives you and your group your privacy. The service staff are courteous. Yesterday, me and my friend weren't very hungry but wanted to catch up after a long time. So we decided to hang out at Pasta bar. I ordered their 'Funghi' pasta and my friend had the Primavera al Panna. I chose farfalle and my friend went with fusili. One other thing I like about PBV is, the choices it offers, on the type of pasta. That way I am not forced to have penne all the time :) The Primavera al Panna, the fusili was cooked well. However the pasta lacked little salt and there could have been more veggies. Once we added salt, it tasted decent. Funghi was absolutely delicious. Right amount of cream and olive oil mixed very well. Good helping of mushrooms. The chef was friendly. He inquired about the food and took the feedback well. Just the two pastas cost us 693 bucks. Had a good chat, so time and again pasta bar proves to be a great place to catch up with people. In my previous visits, I liked the below dishes. 1. Mozarella Ricotta Fingers - yumm 2. Aglio e Olio (sphagetti) - very delicious 3. Primavera Mediterrane 4. Cream of mushroom soup Improvements: 1. Pizzas definitely needs improvement. 2. Cheese Jalapenos - tastes like the readily available frozen fried items. 3. We can't always have pastas. So menu could be improved to include variety in Italian. Food - 3/5 Service - 3.5/5 Ambiance - 3.5/5 VFM - 3/5

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  • on 22 Jul, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    As desired, visited pasta bar at burkit once again! Loved the Greek Salad and the Grilled cheese and veg sandwich (one of which was made diet friendly at request very sweet), yummy cold coffee (unlike the one at forum outlet) and even yummier hot chocolate!

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  • on 17 Jun, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    This one is for my most favorite pasta bar in burkit bar t nagar. I love the outdoor seating area and the very casual style of the place. Cant forget the million days sitting there for hours eating just starters and desserts. To be precise the mozzerella sticks and the wine mousse. Of course love their pizzas even more than their pastas. i think its the ambiance and service that adds to the experience here. Been sometimes I visited here since the one at forum mall opened closer to home. Will get back soon!

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  • on 11 Jun, 2013

    Nishanth Radhakrishnan

    My go to place for Hot Chocolate and Sesame Chicken in Chennai! A regular at the Pasta Bar Veneto - Burkit Road outlet in T.Nagar. So I was more happy to know that they had opened at Vijaya Forum Mall in Vadapalani - more closer to home. Dined there on Friday with my family. We ordered for a Chicken Soup & Sesame Chicken to start our meal. Soup was little thick for my liking but the chicken starter was spot on as usual. For main course we decided to share Lasagna di Pollo & BBQ Chicken Pizza - both tasted real good & was filling. Instead of desserts opted to have Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate. Bill for 4 persons came to Rs 900/- Real VFM and food tasted yummy! Also the service was quite good and we were attended to promptly. What more can you ask for.

  • on 24 May, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    The Forum Mall opens up in Chennai and the talk of town is the Pasta Bar Veneto outlet in here. It is a very pleasant place with a merry decor. I read about the lunch deal for Rs. 249 (soup + pasta / pizza + dessert) and it sounded pretty awesome to me and I had to check it out! The deal is definitely a value for money considering the cost of each course but we were not allowed to order Lasagne or any Baked Pasta for main course which was a disappointment. The Pomodoro e Basilico (Tomato Soup with basil and cream) is a must-try. The Pizza Diavolo was the best part of the meal, really yummy and filling one (something between a fast food and a restaurant-style pizza). The Pasta wasn\'t quite as good, we ordered a Primavera al Panna which was very dry (couldn\'t find any white sauce) and boring! I think we should consider naming them the Pizza Bar :) Would love to try their baked pastas sometime. I usually love the starters and desserts at Pasta Bar, T Nagar. Was happy to find Berry Wine Mousse. Although its a bit too sweet for my palate, its a delight and a must-try here. The Tiramisu was very flavor but a bit hard to cut in. Overall, a fullfilling meal for a quick set lunch at a nominal price. The service definitely needs to improve though or we were just unlucky and ended up with a not-so-trained waiter. He had no clue on anything. He had to refer someone for anything we asked him. Initially denied having any offer, then said only the lunch deal is available. He also brought us a wrong Pasta (we asked for a Fusili but got a Penne) and a Chocolate Shake in the name of Cold Coffee twice! I mean he could have got the hint the second time when I said I dont like chocolate! Will definitely go back again to try out more on the menu!

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  • on 13 May, 2013

    M. R. Nishanth

    Karthik Ganapathi - The Chennai Food Blog : The Pasta Bar Veneto, Anna Nagar http://http://www.eatwitheyes.com/2013/05/Pasta-Bar-Veneto-Anna-Nagar.html

  • on 22 Apr, 2013

    ChennaiFoodie aka Doc Waz

    Sometimes I think I am the only one who likes this place. http://http://www.chennaifoodie.com/2013/04/the-pasta-bar-venetto.html

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  • on 19 Apr, 2013

    Shadir Bughari

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  • on 20 Mar, 2013

    Lakshmi Narayanan G

    Went to The Pasta Bar Veneto in Anna Nagar today. Must be one of the worst days. Ordered a starter, a tomato soup and a pasta initially. The mozzarella based starter (am bad with Italian names) tasted really good and the soup was also good. The pasta was simply superb. Then we ordered a pizza at last, which tasted ok. Not so good as the Pizza Republic ones but just ok. Now for the real cons. Throughout all this, the service was really really poor and it was as if we never existed for them. The only thing that arrived in time was the menu card. After that it was some 15 minutes before someone took the order. And this was in a non attentive manner. Ordered for a 1/2 soup, he brought a full soup and changed after I reminded him. Then the food items followed timely. But to get water, we literally had to drag him to our table for he was the least attentive after keeping the food items. And we ordered the pizza after this. And for that we had to wait another 10 minutes (after we cleared what we ordered initially and sat with empty plates) for getting someone to our table and another 5 minutes to get the menu. Then another 10 minutes before he came again to take order. After this, it was another round for water delay . Then finally came the dessert part. We were eligible for a free dessert (offer of the month). When enquired about it the guy said wait and just went. After 10 minutes another guy came, same enquiry, he asked us what we want as dessert and left. Then comes the first guy, with a dessert of his choice. I mean what the hell? Then again we had to change it of course. Then at last, after all this, we had to wait another 25 minutes to get the bill after finishing the dessert. At which point, I walked to the counter and asked for the bill. He was billing other customers, but forgot to bill us. Finally got bill, paid and left. Horrible service ever. Ratings : Cost : 3.5 / 5 Ambience : 2.5 / 5 (too noisy for my taste) Quality, taste : 4 / 5 Service : 1.5 / 5 Overall : 2.5 / 5 (for the horrible service)

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