No. 89, Chamiers Road, Opposite IN Gate of Park Sheraton,  Nandanam, Chennai-600065


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Welcome to Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi, an authentic Italian restaurant located in the heart of Chennai, created by Vipin Sachdev and Chef Willi.

Non - Veg Resturant

Dine-In Available

Alcohol not Served

Home Delivery


Desserts, Italian, Pizza, Salads

Cost :

Rs 1400 for 2 persons

Timings :

12-3:30pm | 6:30-11pm

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Air Conditioned, Take Away, Parking Available, Kids Friendly, WiFi Available, Party Hall , Table Booking

  • on 10 May, 2014

    Rajiv Shankar

    The Tuscany Experience at Tuscana on Chamiers , Nandanam Always have a craving for their pizzas which are delicious and different from the pizzas you get from the franchise based Dominos , Pizza Hut etc. Love this style of wood fired Italian Pizzas which are soft , thin , colourful , crunchy , cheesy and layered with so many interesting toppings. Its a must to have a 12 inch half and half pizza , the only issue is choosing which ones because most of them are amazing. On my last visit had the Formaggia Aastha which is loaded with diamond shaped panneer marinated in tikka sauce added with cilantro and onions and is a definite winner. This has been kind of a signature dish and unfailingly I tend to have it every time. The other pizza we had was the Spinach e funghi which are woven around with flaky spinach topped along with Mushrooms , fresh tomatoes and cheese and this one totally melts in the mouth. I missed having the Patata Brocolli another favourite which mixes Brocollis , crushed potatos and caramelised onions and gives a nice tangy taste. You must also try Ai Fungi and Pesto Ricotta Mozarella which have nice flavours interspersed giving the thumbs up. The Pizzas are always a delight to polish and its more alluring when sprinkling oregano , chilli flakes and grated cheese along with a tinge of tomato sauce over an already decorated pizza to ornamentalise it further. For starters we usually have some sort of Baguette , Focaccia , Bruschetta etc - again you are spoilt for choice as you have a truckload of varieties but for a change had the Funghi Ripieni and totally loved it. We wanted something slightly gravyish and it fit our requirements perfectly. Succulent mushroom caps having the look of buttons filled with breadcrumbs and bottled over with dollops of parmesan cheese baked on a tantalisingly yummy garlic cream sauce and it was totally slurp slurp. The decor is neat and gives a nice laidback feel. Seatings are spread across different rooms both downstairs and upstairs. Its an ideal place to especially visit on a lazy weekend afternoon where you can truly relish devouring your pizzas. The waiters have a good idea and knowledge about the items on the menu and their suggestions come handy when you are indecisive in choosing what you want. Also you can request for slices of bread which they serve with a salsa sauce making you get ready for the bigger picture . And if you hold a citibank credit card , you get a handy 15% stroked off your bill. The prices are competitive and they definitely can command this price for the awesome pizzas they serve , feel however the breads and pasta items are a little marginally high priced. If you are a cheese and pizza lover like myself , you just need to look no further as they serve the best ever pizzas in the house and you can be rest assured of a drool worthy oodly cheesy experience !!

  • on 03 Mar, 2014

    Srijani Basak

    Feb 14th at Tuscana, was an experience on its own. Beautiful setting, great food and the lovely gifts - it was a night to remember. Torta di Smoked salmon with pistachio cream and herbed ricotta, with toasted ciabatta bread. The smoked salmon, sandwiched between the layers of fresh,creamy ricotta and pistachio cream…this dish was heavenly with the crunchy toast and assorted green leafs. Pan smeared chicken breast on shallot sauteed baby spinach topped with strawberry balsamic caramelized sauce and served with roasted thyme potato. The chicken breasts cooked to perfection, the glazed brown skin of it gave an amazing beauty to it. The strawberry sauce, as you can guess from its description, was a blend of amazing flavors. Potato wedges, just cant get any better. Mixed berry cheesecake with cherry sauce, was outstanding, yes outstanding. If you haven\\\'t visited Tuscana yet, do now! Follow me :

  • on 18 Feb, 2014

    Jacob Varugies

    One of the first things I have ever had was the Garlic bread and it was something out of this world. I have never tasted better garlic bread in my life. I am a big pizza fan and can tell you the pepperoni pizza is to die for. This is one of the best restaurants in Chennai and always make it a point I visit them atleast once a month. Either at chamiers or nungambakkam, a perfect place to catch up with friends or have a nice family dinner. The staff and ambience is something which brings you back. A must for anyone who wants good Italian food. Wish Tuscana all the very best and will see you soon.

  • on 01 Feb, 2014


    This place deserves a 5 star rating! They've got the perfect combination of food, ambience and hospitality. My favourite starter is the brucheta, followed by a pasta and a pizza for the main course. You're spoilt for choice and every flavour comes alive when it hits your tongue. The menu boasts a rich and carefully selected set of dishes which really brings out the best from Tuscana. Ambience is perfect with good music and great service, Don't forget to try the Tiramisu, the best in my opinion!

  • on 09 Jan, 2014

    Julian Sebastian

    Luv the place, the music, the ambiance. The food was Awesome & delicious. Had a wonderful evening with friends....A perfect place to dine in style in Chennai

  • on 26 Dec, 2013

    Mitu Palicha

    The food the ambience the music the location the staff the chef everybody and everythings was amazing:D very good stuff everybodyshould try it

  • on 13 Dec, 2013

    Deepan Anand

    I love this place TUSCANA ON CHAMIERS BY WILLI. For a saturday lunch, visited the place with a friend. Ordered focaccias for starters. They where yummy. Then we ordered Quattro Formaggi Vegetarian pizza and Midi Vegetarian pizza . The pizzas where very soft, tender, cheesy and had lot of exotic toppings. Both me and my friend enjoyed our pizzas. From my many experiences in different pizza outlets and Italian restaurants in chennai, the best pizza i ever tasted was from only Tuscana . After starters and pizzas, we went for the desserts. We ordered tiramisu and espresso Panna Cotta. Both the desserts were tasty and drooling. Ambience was nice, the food service very prompt and the staff were very polite. Overall me and my friend had a great food experience at tuscana on Chamiers by Willi. Ambience: 5 out of 5. Service : 5 out 5 Food : 5 out of 5. Cheers to the team at tuscana :-);-);-)

  • on 28 Nov, 2013

    Vijay Jm

    The definition of Pizza`s as commercialized by the stereotypical Pizza conglomerates has just been revolutionized with the advent of Tuscana . The Menu of Tuscana jus leaves you exasperated , and the actual flavor of the restaurant and its theme , most importantly the courteous staff , who attend to each beck and call of every customer . only accentuates the overall experience . Pizza`s are never gonna be the same again . My whole hear ted compliments to the man at the helm of affairs.Mr Vipin Sachdev , keep em coming .

  • on 27 Nov, 2013

    R U Srinivas

    We went to Tuscana on Chamiers Road to celebrate an occasion with the whole family on Nov 20, and what a good decision that turned out to be ! Firstly, valet parking. That's always a plus for me. Secondly, the folks in were really friendly. They even gave my inquisitive kids a peek into the kitchen to check out some ingredients that they were curious about. Now, how many places are willing to do that? Thirdly, service was quick. And I mean, quick! Fourthly, the food. Well, how can I put this simply? Awesome is a good word I guess but doesn't do justice. Fresh, hot and yet we didn't feel heavy... this place and its kitchen team simply rocks! We tried all kinds of stuff - salads, pizzas, falafels, gemestas etc - and each one was better than the other. Fifthly, they have an awesome ice cream and gelato bar. And we freaked out on the sugar free chocolate ice cream and lemon gelato.... drool! Its worth going to this place just for this section alone. Overall, an awesome experience. Next time I want to try their gluten free stuff. Sounds exciting. Great job Tuscana team - expect to see me there more often.

  • on 16 Nov, 2013

    Swami Venkat

    Tuscana is our favorite Italian restaurant for our weekend dinner destination. It is the best place to have authentic & delicious Pizza with unique toppings, Pasta & Soups in Chennai. We have even stopped having Pizzas anywhere else. Being Vegetarian, we also found enough dishes that satisfy our appetite. We like about the gluten free menu and we hope that they maintain the same quality throughout.

  • on 19 Oct, 2013

    Aarti Krishnakumar

    Well, if you are wondering what "Tuscanala Thali irukku theriyumo nokku... " means, then let me clarify that before proceeding.. "Tuscana has Thali now did you know?" Tuscana for us is synonymous with Italian, It is synonymous with thin crust pizza it is where we tasted the 1st Gluten free pizza It is where we tasted Tiramisu and Panna cotta first.. It is a place that has done a lot of firsts in Chennai.. Here is a brief glimpse into a few of the dishes served there. Pizza, Pasta, bell peppers& Mozzarella and then there was the Zucchini Mozzarella fritters as well. read on...

  • on 06 Oct, 2013

    Sriram Raja

    I have been a regular customer of this restaurant since its inception. Everything appeals to me, starting from ambience to the starters, soups, pizzas, pasta, panna cotta deserts and the ice creams. Theres always the right amount of every ingredient. The new menu has brought a lot of freshness to my never ending appetite for Italian cuisine. For all Italian food lovers in Chennai, This restaurant fulfils your ultimate desires.

  • on 03 Oct, 2013

    Vinay Shankar

    The pizzas (both Veg & Non Veg) were flavorful and so were the ravioli and the pasta in white sauce... The ravioli was so good that we had to order a second time. The desserts were good as well - the Tiramisu was excellent - a must try. From start to finish, the food was brilliant and the service was impeccable. The team has always produced some of the best chain of restaurants in town ( Burgundy / Tuscana / Kryptos ). They definitely know what they are doing.

  • on 02 Oct, 2013


    Superb food , best pizzas in town

  • on 01 Oct, 2013

    Pooja Chhabria

    Loved the Pizzas - Ruspante being my favourite. Mouth watering desserts. - tiramisu and panna cotta.... Lovely ambience and courteous and friendly staff.. Service with a smile - just what I like!! A great experience.

  • on 28 Sep, 2013

    Gaurav Girotra

    We went to Tuscana for dinner and loved the pizzas there. The ambience was great as well with the staff was very courteous. To top it all the dessert (Tiramisu) was awesome! Will definately visit again.

  • on 10 Jun, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    The first time i went to Tuscana on KnK road I was highly impressed with the Pizza. Authentic taste and flavors so heavenly for a person used to the fast food pizza. The ambiance wasnt that impressive pretty cramped. I loved their baked pear dessert. Somehow when i went back there this time to Tuscana by Chamiers. It failed to impress me. Very bad service. The ambiance is a confusion between dimlit romantic fine dine and closely arranged hear-all-you-want tables. Service was very slow. The Pizza - a 4 cheese magherita of sorts - cant recall the name now was good though. There was no Baked Pear :( and didnt quite love the Tiramisu as I had high expectations from all the reviews I had read online. Maybe just a bad day. Will try it again for sure. Sorry about the bad quality pics!

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  • on 06 Jun, 2013

    Prathap Gandhi

    Tuscana is the place to go for your Pizza fixation. A regular for the last 3 years. There's never a let down moment! Tuscana \m/

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  • on 05 Jun, 2013

    Nagarajan Natarajan

    It was special day for both of us because June 2nd 2009 was the last day of our bachelor life. I wanted us to remember this day for a long time because being in marriage for 4 years these days is no simple task. So I wanted to choose a restaurant I have never been to. Though food is always primary when we go out, this time I want to just enjoy an evening out with her and have a good time so I put all my eggs in one basket and chose to visit Tuscana on Chamiers Road. The main reason was that she has been asking me for pizza for a while and after seeing the pictures posted after the Pizzarazi contest, I knew she will be impressed. I have once tasted a version of their Pizza @ Burgandys and was slightly impressed so I know what to expect at their outlet dedicated to Pizza's. As soon as I arrived I was directed to a private room for 4 with a candle on the table and few around. As usual the dim and warm lighting made it cozy and comfortable. I had already planned to order a Pizza, a pasta or lasagne and a desert but for whatever reasons I suddenly wanted to order a soup and since both of us love mushroom, we went with Zuppa di Funghi and as planned ordered 9 inch Ruspante. Zuppa di Funghi (Description from the Menu: Soup of button and forest mushrooms baked with cream, shallots and thyme, finished with chives). Will you believe me if I tell you that I could taste the mushrooms, shallots, thyme and chives in each spoonful? It was that flavourful. We had ordered to share one portion for 2 of us so I was scrapping the bowl and cleaned it off with the starter bread. Next time I am not sharing the soup. Ruspante (Description from the Menu: Shredded mozzarella with marinara sauce, smoked chicken, roasted red pepper, broccoli and corn kernel). I have always looked at the pictures of thin crust from Tuscana and have been critical of how it looks like a Naan but Ramki has always assured me that it's all the same and it's good. The pizza had generous amount of Mozzarella which by itself tasted close to certain restaurants in Chicago and San Francisco which makes it authentic (I know it has a distorted meaning so it's not up for debate here) for me. Smoked chicken had a distinct smokey flavour and bell pepper, broccoli and corn kernals went well together. At the end of the evening wifey said that this pizza was the best. Lasagne di Pollo e Asparagi (Description from the Menu: Baked layers of pasta filled with chicken and asparagus, bechamel sauce, feta and mozzarella cheese). I don't know how asparagus or bechamel sauce tastes by itself but when combined with Mozzarella, Feta and chicken, the dish was so creamy and bursting with flavours. The portion was unexpectedly small for how much it costs though. This totally reminded me how French food are served in large hot plates but only the centre 10% of the plate is filled with food. Definitely not VFM but tasty nonetheless. Tiramisu (Mascarpone, egg custard, cream, espresso and lady finger biscuit). No review needed for this because this seems to be the most popular dish and everyone recommended this over Panna Cotta. No surprises, it was wonderfully creamy and totally loved it. I wanted to order Panna Cotta but before that the surprise cake arrived. It was so nice of Charles to make the cake and private room for me and Thanks to Murugs for this surprise. The ambiance was extremely good with dim lighting and couple of nice candles in the private room and the service was quick. When I think I wanted something, I would see the waiter pass by and look at my table and after a little shake of the head, he will be at the table in a jiffy. I expected the lasagne to come little late but it exactly came in 10 mins. I wouldn't give 5 Rating to any establishment until and unless every single thing was perfect. The food, the service, the attitude, the ambiance etc. Its was that kind of perfect event so here goes my 5 plus to Tuscana. Overall it was a delicious evening. I regret not going here sooner but will I ever forget my first visit to TUSCANA? Absolutely not! Will I return? You Bet!

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  • on 03 May, 2013

    M. R. Nishanth

    Yeshvin Mathew - The Food Critique : Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi

  • on 18 Feb, 2013


    Tuscana on Chamiers launched their new menu on 12.12.12. A memorable date and to top it up Rajnikanth's birthday :). The management had invited bloggers to try the new menu . The event was scheduled for 4:30PM and as excited as I was I, reached around 4:20PM itself. I had heard a lot about this place from friends, blogs and food-groups on Facebook .This was my very first visit to the place. It is not diffecult to locate the place as it is next to a known landmark of Sheraton park hotel . The first impression of the place was inline with my expectation as the place looked classy. I was greeted well at the gate and their gluten-free menu standee stood proudly near the entry gate. The menu was being showcased on the 1st floor. We were served juices as welcome drink. Thereafter I tried hummus before anything else and it was good; just the way I like and similar to how I make it at home. The place started filling up with people with bloggers, members of Chennai Food Guide (CFG) club and from food review sites like Zomato. Vipin Sachdev, the owner, arrived after a short while and explained the menu to all of us and how the gluten free pizza has become a rage. The main attraction of the place was the multi grain pizza which was being added to the menu. We were served starters too; the first one was bruschettas of tomato, mushroom and mozrella.I loved it. The tartlets were amazing too. Tender cheese with bits of veggies thrown in. The base was soft and crispy. The tender chicken with parmesan cheese could have been a bit softer. Personally I like my chicken to be tender, not sure that the chicken was kept that way deliberately. We were told the pizza would be there any moment. Once the pizza started coming in there was no stopping the procession. One pizza came after the next. The first to arrive were the thin crust pizzas and it was good to taste but the base could have been a bit better. Then again it is a matter of personal choice and its best left to the option of customization for individual customers. I had been hearing a lot about the gluten free menu and got a chance to taste one. First to arrive was Al Pesto- Feta cheese with mozzarella, pistachio pesto and fresh greens of spinach, broccoli and asparagus. The base is made of Bajra that is Gluten free. A really healthy option for pizza lovers. Good for health with hardly any compromise on taste. Bajra is very fibrous and healthy, unlike the regular flour used for making pizza bases . Vipin Sachdev kept his guests entertained all the time by interacting with them and talking about his experiences as an owner. The most awaited pizza of the evening was the multi grain pizza. Well as the name suggests ,the multi grain flour is used for making the pizza base. Its nice to see how the top restaurant are including more and more healthy options in their menu or making the unhealthy ones healthy so we can enjoy the taste and yet not worry about any health issues .Finally the multi grain were served hot straight from the oven. The pizza was nice, I liked the toppings of all the pizzas with the right amount of veggies and cheese . Lastly the desserts were served. There were 2 of them; coffee with agar agar and Tuscana's signature vanilla pannacotta.I do not personally like coffee in my desserts so did not quite like the coffee one. The vanilla pannacotta was out of the world, I was too full but could not leave it for anything :).A must try at Tuscana. The new menu is officially being served from 15/12/2012.Met a lot of people from Chennai food guide,Zomato :)Overall had a nice evening with some great food. Thanks Neha for inviting .It was a delight to meet Mr.Vipin.We were all given a CD of their new menu as we left.