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Eggless Dutch Coffee Buns | Kofieebroodje

Posted By : Sangeetha Priya

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Ingredients APF/Maida – 1 n 1/2 cup Milk – 1/2 + 2 Tbsp (lukewarm) Butter – 1 n 1/2 Tbsp Instant Yeast – 1tsp Sugar – 2 Tbsp Raisins – 2 Tbsp Vanilla – 1/2tsp Salt – 1/2tsp For the Basic Custard Cream Filling Regular Milk – 1 n 1/4 Cups Egg yolks - 2 Numbers Sugar – 4 Tbsp Cornstarch – 1 + 3 Tbsp (If you have custard powder then use as alternate for 3 Tbsp) You can make the custard pudding a day before and refrigerate. For the stepwise preparation and instructions for basic custard check here. French Cream Filling 1 pkt French Vanilla Pudding 1/3 cup of sour cream (Just mix the pudding with haf amount of water and sour cream, refrigerate till use) For the glaze Apricot Jam – 2 Tbsp ( I used Strawberry Jam) Warm Water – 1/2 Tbsp


Method Soak the raisins in warm water and set aside for 30 minutes, then drain it. In a wide bowl, add the flour, salt, sugar and yeast, mix well with hand whisk or hand. Now add the butter and the vanilla, mix well now it looks in crumb texture. Now add the milk little at a time and knead into a smooth dough. Cover and proof until doubled in size (40mins-1 hour). Once the dough has proofed, punch the dough and knead again for few minutes. On a lightly floured surface or over parchment paper, roll out the dough into a squarish shape, 12x12 inches approximate. Spread the vanilla pudding, leaving an inch on all sides. Sprinkle the soaked raisins over the pudding. Now roll the dough to form a cylindrical shape. Place the seam down and cut the roll into equal slices of about an inch. Place the slices on a lined baking Sheet, cover and again proof for another 20 to 30 minutes. Pre heat the oven to 350°F, now brush the rolls with melted butter and bake them until golden brown or around 25 minutes. For the glaze, Mix the jam with warm water and brush the rolls after taking them out of the oven. Brush them again, when they’ve slightly cooled, serve warm with a cup of coffee. Notes Make thicker pastry cream and to spreadable consistency, feel free to use any pastry cream recipe. Also don't stuff more pastry cream, make it even all over the dough. Roll the stuff tightly to get perfect round buns. While cutting in to slices, make sure to use clean knife each time, so they cut without sticking.

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