Cookbook - Roasted Baby Potato Biryani with Homemade Ground Paste

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Cookbook - Roasted Baby Potato Biryani with Homemade Ground Paste

Posted By : Sangeetha Priya

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For Marinating Soak the baby potatoes in water for 15 minutes, clean well before marinade, also prick with fork all around the potatoes. Baby Potatoes - 1 n 1/4 Cups Red Chili Powder - 1tsp Garam Masala Powder - 2tsp Yogurt - 2 Tbsp Salt - 1tsp To Soak Red Chilis - 5-6 Numbers Fennel Seeds - 1tsp To Grind Coriander Leaves - 1 Fistful Garlic - 6-8 Numbers Ginger - Small Finger size Small Onion - 5 Numbers (If Large use 2 Numbers) Coconut - Small Piece or Shredded 2 Tbsp (Also include above soaked red chili and fennel seeds while grinding) Other Ingredients Brown Rice/Brown or White Basmati/Seeraga Samba Rice - 2 Cups Onion - 1 Large (2 Medium) Tomato - 1 Large (2 Medium) Slit Green Chili - 1 Number Whole Garam Masala - Cloves,Cinnamon,Star Anise,Bay Leaves - 2 Each Garam Masala Powder - 2tsp Oil or butter or ghee, Salt - As Needed


Method First marinade the baby potatoes with other stuffs given under "For Marinating" for 1 hour at least (Pic 1). Also soak red chilis and fennel seeds in warm water for 30 minutes at least. Soak rice 30 minutes prior to start making masala for biryani. Meanwhile chop the onion very thin. Add the tomato in hot boiled water and after 5 minutes, remove carefully, peel the skin and puree it (Pic 3). After 30 minutes, grind all the ingredients given under grind including the soaked stuff (Pic 2). After 1 hour in medium flame with necessary oil, 1/2tsp red chili powder and salt, fry the marinated baby potatoes (Pic 3). The left over marinated masala can be mixed with biriyani later. When the potatoes turn golden burn remove it and in the same pan with necessary oil, fry the sliced onions. When onion turns golden brown, remove it(Pic 3) and in the same pan add enough oil to make biryani masala. When oil is hot enough add all whole garam masalas. When bulges in size add the ground raw onion/coriander paste. Saute till nice aroma reaches. Now add pureed tomato and continue stirring till oil separates and mixture gets thick (Pic 4). Then add fried onions, baby potatoes (Pic 4), soaked rice and for 2 cups of rice, make sure the water quantity not more than 3 and 1/2 cups. Cook in pressure/electric cooker as you do for usual white rice(Pic 5). Garish with fried onions before you serve, its optional. Serve the prepared biryani with Onion Raita/veg kurma. Note: This biryani is medium spiced so increase or decrease accordingly. You can add 1/4 Cup of Peas if you wish. Instead of baby potato you can use regular potato as well, cube it and follow the above same procedure.

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  • on 14 Oct, 2013

    Swarna V Barath

    wow sounds intersting and very innovative, A very detailed recipe to try out! Totally appreciate it!