Cook Out at Kefi - Taj Club House

August 17 2013 11:00 AM Onwards

Taj Club House, No. 2, Club House Road, Mount Road, Chennai-600002

M. R. Nishanth


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** Cook Out at Kefi with Chef Siddiq ** Spend a morning with Chef Siddiq as he shares some of his culinary secrets. The Cook Out is scheduled for Saturday 17th August 2013 11am-2pm at Kefi, Taj Club House, Mount Road. The session is priced at Rs 1250/- per person. Seats limited to 12. Chennai Food Guide Members who are interested to take part - please confirm your participation by sending an email to [email protected]
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  • on 19 Aug, 2013


    Kefi, meaning the highest level of happiness. And that’s what it felt like on seeing a Greece replica of the restaurant interiors with White textured walls, blue lamps and artfully done interiors. Chef Siddiq warmly welcomed us all and Chef Prasoon took over the teaching. It was a hands on experience where we not only got a demo, but could also try out everything. Everything was taken care of, right from the welcome drinks to Chef hats and aprons along with printed recipes and pencils for the workshop participants. The stoves were set with all the packed ingredients laid out in a fashionable manner on one side and fresh and cooked elements on the other side. Beginning with the humble Hummus, Chef showed us how to create the ideal Hummus with the best of ingredients. Adding in valuable tips like using ice cubes while blending and in the end teaching us to plate the hummus in a typical manner, which was a lot of fun to try. Trying out the freshly made hummus with warm pita breads was heavenly. Moving towards learning the flavorful Ezo gelin chorbasi and the Berber tagine. And on demand even showing a quick method to make the perfect cous cous. The chef and his team were very forthcoming in answering all the queries we made about the cuisine and the ingredients. And later moving on to the beautifully laid lunch table, we had a delectable lunch with the dishes we learnt, with both vegetarian and chicken tagine for main course. With Crème brulee for dessert and icecream for the vegetarian (only me ☺), it was a wonderful end to our meal. As a bonus we got to keep our chef hats signed by the chef himself and a small spice pouch as a gift. This workshop was total value for money, priced at just Rs.1250/- We learnt to cook the dishes, have lunch in a restaurant all to ourselves, learn tips and secret ingredients from the masters. Definitely have to revisit soon with friends and family.